Tuesday, August 31, 2010

little lovelies-chipmunk adventure

Ahhhh what can I say, this movie is one of my all time favorites! My sister and I used to watch it over and over and well you get the point. Then when David and I started dating I found out that his family used to watch it too-just when I thought life with him couldn't get any better he goes and tells me this news (now if only he were on board with my Full House obsession)! For some odd reason (maybe because I was 25???) we didn't own this movie. My sister quickly put an end to that once Grant joined the clan. The dvd even came with a bonus soundtrack cd. You bet I have that thing downloaded on my ipod. The first time I heard "Girls of Rock & Roll" while I was running I about died laughing. Do you ever have your ipod playing and all of the sudden someone shows up at your house and a song comes on (one you downloaded for the kids or hubby) and you feel like you need to explain why it's on your playlist? Well that's basically how this whole cd should be, except I never really feel the need to explain. I just like it!

Anyway Grant loves it too. He'll come running over holding the case and just stare at all his lil friends on the cover. It's such a cute movie and surprisingly I never get tired of watching it. In fact it seems better (funnier) to me now than it did 20 years ago. Some of my favorite parts are:

-"David...you drunk?"
-"Alvin land the balloon by the fountain.", "Like I said, in the tree."
- "wurry burry"
-I love when they sing to the penguin...so sweet
-"did the spoiled brat get wetuh haha"

If you haven't seen this movie (shame on you) I want you to march your little self down to Wal-Mart and dig dig dig in the $5 bin until you find it. Don't give up, I have faith in you to find it!

Friday, August 27, 2010

nutritious meal of dirt

Last weekend we went camping with the Donohues. I loved it! It was so pretty and not too cold so that's always a plus. I'm kind of sad to admit this but it was the first time we took Grant camping.....verdict...he LOVED it. This boy was on the go the whole time. Shocker I know. Eating dirt, gathering sticks, trying to play in the fire, shoving pine cones and leaves in his mouth. I sure love the kid but man he puts a damper on my relaxed weekends! Oh well I'm glad he's active and curious (ask me if I still feel that way in another year) Overall he did pretty good. Well if you just forget about the hours from 2 am-6 am. He went to bed ok, us adults sat around the campfire until about 2:00 am and then Grant decided he was tired of waiting up for us to come home to our tent. Yes let's just forget about those wee early hours. We're hopeful that our next outing will be better!

Sadie and David also made a little house for everyone.....or just for decoration.
I had to keep an eye on these little lovebirds. Piper can't resist a rugged mountain man.

On Saturday we took turns watching the kids while the other couple rode bikes. We took all the kids on a little adventure and found this big stick thing. Grant likes anything long and skinny so this was right up his alley. I was a little (or a lot) sleep deprived and my memory is foggy but I'm assuming he was frustrated that he couldn't pull this out, being the good mom I am I just kept walking away.

Having a stern talk about underage dating.

Isn't this view pretty? I love Colorado!

Luke family reunion

Earlier in the month we were able to travel to Utah (ah it feels so nice to say that) and spend time with the Lukes.  It was really fun to spend time with family that we don't get to see very often and have built-in babysitters for a few days. Grant had fun running around and being spoiled by his grandparents. 
One night we tried to go to the Castle Valley pageant but it was rainy, and well Grant likes to just run around so we decided to called it a night. Before the pageant started we walked around and saw horses and different displays set up. Despite what this picture shows, Grant really likes animals and had a fun time trying to feed them. 
Most days were rainy but we managed to go to the lake. Grant watched as David took off on the waverunner and Grant about had a heart attack. He thought David wasn't coming back so he just started bawling. I've never seen him so upset. Is it bad to admit that I thought it was funny? Heartless I know. 

Thanks to everyone who helped organize the reunion, I know it's not an easy job! We had a great time! 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

little lovelies-smart wool

There is a little running store in Orem that I love. A few years ago, oh sad it was actually like 5 years ago, I needed to find some running socks that I could use in the winter. I was introduced to Smart Wool socks and I can say that my whole winter world changed in those brief minutes. They are super comfy, cozy socks yet are moisture wicking so your feet aren't completely stinky by the end of a workout. I actually use them more for cross-country skiing than winter running....well actually I use them the most while I just lounge around our freezing cold apt (probably making cookies) but that's another topic. For my b-day this year David bought me a bunch of hiking stuff and I was excited to find a cute new pair of Smart Wool socks thrown in there. Plus their headquarters are in Steamboat so that's just one more reason they are my fav. 
These beauties are the first pair I ever owned....don't you just want to wrap your little piggies around them and sip hot cocoa? No? Well maybe in a couple of months!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

16 months

I used to get sad that Grant was getting older because it meant my little baby wasn't so little, now I get sad because it means he is that much closer to the terrible twos (and from what I hear they continue until about 5!) Anyway I'm just soaking up all the fun he is right now. I love this stage! Well, I could do without his craziness during church. We tried to pawn him off in nursery today but apparently David and I are really cool, in fact we are much cooler than the toys, snacks and other kids so nursery was a bust. I guess that was our punishment for trying to jump the gun on that one! Here are some things I want to remember about Grant during this stage. Who is excited to be 16 months old???

*RUNS EVERYWHERE....and he's fast!
*he loves anything long and skinny (maybe this is why nursery didn't go so well) for example- swiffer, bike trailer flag, wrapping paper tube, yard stick
*he will fold his arms at the dinner table and occasionally during bedtime prayers
*he is pretty much obsessed with grapes and knows exactly where they are in the fridge
*gives hugs and kisses
*likes to be read to and I often find him sitting in his room "reading"
*doesn't say very many words yet but carried on quite the conversation with a dog on our run the other day
*he will answer "hum?" after you ask him something
*finds clever ways to climb up on our bed and launch into the pillows

We love you baby Grant!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Moscow South Mission Reunion

A few weeks ago David received an invite to attend what might be his last mission reunion. His former mission Pres. is in poor health and we knew this would probably be the last time for everyone to get together. Although we wanted to go we knew that we were going to be traveling a lot this summer and figured we better pass on this. David kept wishing there was a way for us to go....Thursday afternoon I get a phone call from him and a few hours later we were on our way. I am so happy that we were able to visit with his old mission buddies and meet new people.

Grant followed suit and was running around the whole night. Most of the kids were older and enjoyed playing a game of "zombies" or something so Grant entertained himself by trying to lick cars and play in rain puddles. I was talking with one of our friends and he mentioned how "boy" Grant is, right after he said that Grant bent over so that his crack was hanging out of his shorts and started scratching his little bum. It couldn't have been planned more perfectly. Oh goodness.    

It just so happened that my family was out to SLC doing temple work and we were able to visit with them. David's sisters also live in Utah so that was a bonus. I've come to the conclusion that there are just too many people/places/things to see in Utah that I need about a week (or two) in order to do it all. I wish we could have stayed and spent time with friends and strolled around BYU campus. Hopefully our next trip out won't be so rushed but knowing us I'm sure it will! 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

little lovelies-coconut dreams

Until Grant lands himself a cute girl scout I guess I'll have to munch on these babies. Man they are good.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

bike trip

A few weekends ago we decided to spend the day riding bikes with the Donohues. There is a paved trail that goes from their house all the way to downtown Denver. The ride was about 30 miles and if you forget about the nasty smell from the dog food factory it was quite enjoyable. We rode to a little park and played for awhile, ate ice-cream at this adorable little place shaped like a milk jug, went to REI (hands down the coolest REI I've ever been to) and then rode back. (despite the snot on his face I think this is a cute picture of Grant helping with the bikes!)

Poor David had to pull the bike trailer there AND back (I know I know, I'm a wimp!) and later he found out that his back break had been on for about 8-9 miles! I was really impressed with how well he did considering all that was going on. All three kids were so good and seemed to have a lot of fun. Once we got back to our place we all went swimming, had dinner and just hung out. It's so nice to do fun FREE things like that. We'll definitely be riding this trail again.
Apparently I really enjoy pushing Grant in the swing!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

little lovelies-blue sky

Anyone who knows me well knows that I talk with my dad on a regular (ok daily) basis. When I moved away from CO he would always tell me about the weather in Craig. It was usually something along the lines of  "another pretty blue sky". I never really thought much about it until I moved back to Colorado. David and I were so excited to get back to the mountains but I find myself commenting (usually 7-8 times a week) about the beautiful sky. I love that I can see so many puffy white clouds and that the sun is ALWAYS shining. *300+ days a year*. The first thing I do in the morning (after realizing it's waaayy too early for Grant to be up) is open all the blinds (make sure my car wasn't busted in to) and enjoy the beautiful blue sky and sunshine. I love how clear and clean it feels, instantly puts me in a good mood. I was reading about the CO state flag and the blue stripes on it represent the clear blue sky, how fitting huh? FYI the white stripe is for the snow and the gold circle is for the sun. Not the prettiest flag but I think it's a good representation of the state. 

I've been paying more and more attention to the sky lately (ever since I turned 26 I'm just so much wiser and in tune!) and although I favor the blue sky I do love a good sunrise/sunset. I've seen some gorgeous ones setting over the mountains. I think my favorite place to stare at the sky is out at my parents home. I swear you can see every star out there and the view of the Steamboat ski runs and mountains goes on forever.