Friday, February 24, 2012


Seriously, where is my motivation for this blog? I read other blogs, I have time to covet homes and cute kid clothes on pinterest but when it comes to blogging I just never feel like I have the time.

So what have the Luke's been up to? Work, school, work, study, work, clean, wipe boogers....that's pretty much it! This semester has been a little more stressful for David, plus he plays mom while I work every night. He's quite the trooper. Work has been good, I work with some really fun people and always have good stories to tell!

The other night Grant insisted on wearing a watch and tie to bed. Preparing for a job interview buddy? I figured they would both shimmy themselves off in the night but sure enough this is what he looked like in the morning! This kid kills me!
Maybe this week will prove to be more entertaining.....