Sunday, January 27, 2008

Where's Waldo???

Sad but true I am done with school. It's a weird feeling because I'm TOTALLY excited to be done but at the same time I'm stressed out because who knows what I'm going to do next! Poor David has had to hear me all semester! AH I can't even think about it. Anyway here is a picture of one of my classes....I'm going to miss the students SO much. At first I really didn't want to be teaching in a high school but I developed a relationship with a lot of them and it's crazy to think that I may never see them again. Geez I just can't believe I'm done with school!

To celebrate we were planning to go to ColdStone with some friends-turns out it went out of business. Has anyone ever heard of a Cold Stone going out of business??? Now I have to drive clear to downtown Milwaukee to get a bowl of cake batter ice-cream are you kidding me??? I suppose it's worth it!

Yesterday we decided to enjoy the snow and go skiing. It was a perfect day for it, I just wish we could get out more often or find more lite trails. Anyway enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

False Alarm

well this whole time I've been telling people that I'm done on the 24th and I should be...I should have been done on the 14th of Dec!!! Anyway it turns out that they need my help on Friday so instead of being done tomorrow I will be done teaching on the 25th! Geez! I'm not too bummed because it's only a half day and I can wear jeans! Yes I know it's silly that I'm excited to wear denim but I only really wear it on's the little things that get me excited!

So I'm an awful wife and didn't take pictures on David's birthday (last Saturday) and to top it off I didn't even do anything that special. Just the usual...unwrap gifts (that I wrapped in a plastic bag because the wrapping paper was too hard to get to, yes I know I'm awful!!!) we had a stake temple trip that day so we went shopping in Chicago and found some killer deals at Banana, ate at a yummy mexican place then Wendy's for dinner....I didn't even get him a cake! Wow this is a birthday for the books! I'd be sad if that's what we did on my birthday-thank goodness he's not me! Anyway I just want to give a big shout out to my hubby! He's the best, I'm one lucky girl!

Did anyone watch The Biggest Loser last night??? Totally bummed that they cheated...actually I'm not bummed I'm down right mad at them. I LOVE the blue and orange teams but after that lil' stunt I was upset. I'm not mad that they wanted the black team off but that they lied about it. I'll forgive them this time but Bob better push em' next week that's all I gotta say.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I just had to blog about how excited I was that the white team was booted off the Biggest Loser last night. Seriously did Neill think they stood a chance staying there??? Talk about a lazy guy! I'm rootin' for the orange or blue team. Hum...I guess maybe I do like the Bronco's after all! Well I'm off to bed, 5:00 am comes quickly....only 6 more days of this early bird stuff.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Liar Liar our apartments on fire???

Ok so this morning I'm done getting ready for church and decide to e-mail a few people, while this is going on David is in the shower getting ready for church. All of the sudden I am inturupted with the LOUD earth-shattering beeping sound of the smoke detector going off. I run in to tell David what is happening (the sound was so loud I figured he was already deaf so I needed to explain the situation) he gets out and we try to make it stop. Disappointment fills the hall, the dang thing won't stop. I sprint to the phone (ok like 2 steps)to call my neighbor and apparently all of the smoke alarms are connected throughout the apts so they were having the same problem (pretty sure their 2 month old will never be able to hear) and she can't seem to shut hers off either. They call the landlord who calls the Butler Fire Department. This whole time all I could think about was how I need to get back to my e-mail before I forget what I was saying. Anyway a few minutes later the BFD pound on our door and rush in to make sure everything is ok (well maybe it wasn't that dramatic!)...I don't understand the steam from a shower??? In all seriousness the shower wasn't even THAT hot, nothing out of the ordinary that's for sure. Anyway they can't seem to make the siren stop-hey atleast it works right? We crack open the doors and have the fans on, it finally shuts off but the light keeps flickering. I guess there is a number that they need to punch in or something to make it stop, anyway the landlord doesn't know the number so he calls a guy who calls a guy etc. etc. Since I'm such a good person I went to church and left David to do the dirty work. (Hey after all I am the ward bulletin specialist and we all know what happens if people don't get their sacrament programs on time.) It turns out that the fire department and landlords were at our apt for like 3 1/2-4 hours and they need to come check out things tomorrow. Poor David everyone (me) thought he was staying home from church watching TV and livin' it up. My apologies to all my neighbors....I should really make them cookies or something.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Can it be???

Yes friends they are opening an Anthropologie here in the Milwaukee area....jackpot....oh wait I still can't afford it. BOO.

Well the last days of school are creepin' up on me. Monday is my last "real" day of instruction and then we're in the library all next week and then finals the week after. I can't believe how close (yet so far) I am to being done. This has been a rollercoaster of a semester but I'm REALLY going to miss the students-they have been so sweet to me from day one and I'm going to miss them terribly. However the whole sleeping in thing takes away any sorrow that I may have! Any ideas on a job for me??? Teaching positions are far and few so best of luck Jod!

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

HoLlY jOlLy christmas~

Wow! We are FINALLY back in Wisconsin (although the weather feels like we are still in Colorado!) We had a wonderful time with both families and it makes us sad that everyone lives so far away :( At the beginning of our trip we thought that it would be a fun tradition to drive home for Christmas every year. After having the car break down (gas and water don't mix well) and then being stranded in WY (twice) we are having second thoughts about this whole driving home business! Anyway here are some highlights of the trip! Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday!

*Forgetting 2 of Davids presents in Wisconsin (yes they were already wrapped)
*Trying to secretly load unwrapped gifts for each other into the car
*Pizza Hut buffet (twice!)
*Board games with the fam
*David and my dad played their guitars at church....loved it! No it wasn't one of those mom on the drums praising the Lord things, they played "Silent Night"
*Opening the DVD Goonies from David and realizing that I bought him the exact same gift! Why we didn't own this in the first place is beyond me!

*Waking up when it was dark outside to see what Santa brought
*Going back to bed when it was still dark outside
*Eating brownies from my nieces Easy-Bake oven (they actually use ice instead of heat!)
*Making cookies with the kiddos for Santa
*Making sure to NOT eat the cookies they made....fingers in the frosting just isn't appealing

*Finding killer deals at K-Mart with my mom
*Watching our new DVD's...Pete and Pete and Arrested Developement
*Attending our High School reunions....not of my H.S. friends married a guy a year older than Dave so we went and had a great time catching up with everyone!

*"sledding" and getting pulled behind a 4-wheeler

*National Treasure and Juno
*Oh yeah last but not least staying the night in Rawlins WY due to the fact I-80 was closed. Note: Rawlins is about 2-2.5 hours away from our home town and we got there at like 10:30 am. We hit up Pizza Hut, Alco, City Market, Penny's Diner....that's pretty much the whole town! It was an adventure and we actually had a fun time together!

We had a great Christmas and feel so blessed to have the friends and family that we do!