Monday, October 22, 2012

Results are in.....

I've had more than my fair share of ultrasounds this pregnancy but when I heard that my ultrasound with the high risk doc would be at 17 weeks I knew without a doubt they'd be able to tell the gender during that appt.   My neighbor and I started planning for a "gender reveal" party for the neighborhood. I'm so glad we did one, and even more glad that my mom and sil were able to be in town for it too!

That afternoon David, Grant and I went to the appt and I quickly told the tech that we didn't want to know gender there but to put the results in an envelope. She did a very thorough ultrasound and we were obviously relieved to just have two healthy babies and to see them kicking around and their little heartbeats rapidly  moving. I love seeing these little babies and what an amazing miracle life is. It's always crazy to me how quickly they develop and what they are growing/doing each week. One of the babies kept sucking it's hand and opening and closing it's palm. 17 weeks! What a fun thing to watch!

David and I watched as she labeled each part of their bodies. She then told us she was going to reveal the gender, we watched up until she actually wrote on the screen what they were. When we got out to the car we discussed what we both thought they were. Knowing that they're identical made it a little easier to guess.

As soon as we came home we handed the envelope to my neighbor and she headed off to fill a box with either pink or blue balloons. That evening we had everyone take a either a blue or pink cupcake and we opened the box to find......

Holy moly, twin girls! We are pretty excited about that little fact though. Hopefully we'll see these little babes the end of Feb.