Thursday, July 18, 2013

sheesh....I'm going crazy with the blog today.....

Basically anyone on instagram or facebook has seen these pics. Gotta make sure every square inch of the world has access to my pictures right?

Grant did a round of swimming lessons this summer. He really enjoyed it and is excited to start up again in a few weeks.

I love how much he enjoys the beach. His little imagination runs wild there. He likes to "spy" on seashells, so his binoculars are a must. 

These glasses went from this....
to this. He thinks he's so smart with them. It's hard to take him seriously when he's going cross eyed while talking to you. 

Bersday celebration

Can you tell the girls are sleeping right now? I probably should be cleaning or getting dinner ready....I know that David loves it when he gets home from work and then he starts cooking dinner. I'm sure that's his favorite. This blog has been pushed aside for way too long though.

The end of June I celebrated my birthday. It was fun but just reminded me that I am an adult now and I had those typical questions about what I have/have not done in my life. I feel really happy and grateful for my life and family but there is always room for improvement. I want to really enjoy my life and not just go through the motions of motherhood and being a wife. This is silly but I decided to make a bucket list if you will. I turn 30 next year and I've heard of "30 things before 30" but that seemed too easy, 100 didn't seem to flow soooo next up "300 things before 30". Well, that is proving to be quite a stretch. I'm still finishing up writing the list but it ranges from small things (cut me some slack 300 is a big number) such as "have __________ family over for dinner" or "bake a cheesecake for David" to "visit ____ museums in San Fran." I'm excited. I think it will help me push myself to try new things and also just enjoy the simple pleasures of my little family and our situation.

We were able to spend my birthday with BYU friends. Grant willingly picked out my cake and pinata. How generous of him.

growing babes

These girls are just growing right before my eyes. I can't handle it. They are in a fun and easy stage and I just want them to stay small and sweet forever....they are absolute gems.

This last month they've both really grown. They are rolling, not a ton but they still do it every now and then. They are super smiley and are laughing. I think every mother can agree that that is the best sound in the world. They are quick to smile but they tire easily of the same "blowing bubbles" or silly noises we make to try to get a laugh. Grant had certain toys or tickles that always guaranteed a laugh but they are a little harder to please.
Tatum likes to suck her thumb and Kate prefers her pacifier. I have them in the same crib but I'm wondering if I should split them up now that they are rolling. It's cute to see them sleeping together but there have been cases where they kick each other or one hogs the crib and the other is curled in the corner. The things you never worry about with just one baby right?
look at them just gabbin' about boys. Actually I am nervous about them liking the same boy when they get older. Silly, I know, but it's true.
Sweet Tatum 
Baby Kate


This blog is totally neglected. Ah well, what do you do?

Sooo's pretty much as amazing as you would think. I love that we live in a smaller town that has a farm-like feel to it. There's something so refreshing to live in a place that isn't too big or crowded with strangers and crime. We really enjoy our neighborhood and ward. We quickly found out last summer during our internship in AZ that we are NOT hot weather people. Especially in the summer when kids are home all day. Living in the bay area is perfect for us since it does get chilly. I guess we are true Coloradans in that way.

We're a little over an hour from San Fran and 45 mins from Monterey/Carmel. We were able to visit Monterey/Carmel last weekend and I'm already excited to go back....preferably not on a Saturday! The sand was so soft and the water was gorgeous. Grant has turned in to a little beach bum and constantly asks to go. It's tricky to take 3 kids to the beach by myself. The girls are easy but I just don't have enough hands to carry all our gear. Oh well, we try to make it there as much as we can though.