Monday, June 20, 2011

Marathon and on and on and on....

What do Forrest Gump (with leg braces), the Tinman and myself after a race all have in common? We walk with straight legs and look completely ridiculous.

A couple weeks ago I ran my second marathon. I had a fun time training and I was excited to be able to run down Provo canyon minor detail....I basically live in KS and had ZERO hill training. I didn't do as well as I was hoping but I did better than expected, considering the hills and taking 3 weeks off from injuries. There were a lot of "tender mercies" if you will, during the race.

#1. I met up with a friend from Highlands Ranch at the start line. How in the world we found each other is beyond me-there were hundreds of runners! We ran the first 13 together and she was awesome at keeping my mind off running. She left me in the dust at mile 14 and I must have left my motivation at that aid station as well:(

#2. The weather was beautiful

#3. My body (besides my poor lil' knees) held up for the most part and allowed me to run the whole time...although the professional pictures look more like a shuffle rather than a run!

#4. Just as I was about to give up and start walking a little girl on the side of the road stuck her hand out for me to "high five" and that was the biggest boost I could have had. I know she really didn't believe in me but I felt like she did! 

It was fun to have my family there and to ride up the canyon and start the race with my brother. We also saw the Pothiers in the hotel parking lot which was way random but fun! And lastly, I can't write about a race and not mention David. He's been picking up the slack for me as a mom and I couldn't have completed this without his support and encouragement! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

wee wee wee

Well let's see....we went to Craig (for like the millionth time) over Memorial Day weekend. Grant had fun playing with the dog, seeing family, getting dirty etc. etc. We have some friends who own pigs, chickens, geese...basically anything smelly. We thought Grant would love visiting the new baby pigs so we took him out there. He ended up being interested in the rushing river by their house instead. Why must he always be so curious in the exact thing that we do NOT want him to be interested in? I swear if we were showing him the river instead he would run right over to the piglets! It was still fun to do something different.

It's been so nice and sunny lately yet I feel like we've been inside a lot. Why? I have no idea-maybe it's because Grant blisters up at the word "sun"-actually it's because he'd stay outside all day long if I'd let him and since we don't have a backyard I don't want to be one of those creepy park people. *Remember-if I want him to play at the park that pretty much guarantees that he will play in the poopy sandbox (which btw why are those still around???) ,the gutter or with busted glass or something.* What have we been doing instead? Well Grant helped open the milk and then used the stringy thing to use as glasses and then a lovely headband. Wow talk about resourceful! 

                                                                 Child labor laws?
                                                                Boy do I love this kid.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

little lovelies-krazy coupon lady

Well, I may not be totally extreme in my coupon savings but I've been known to save a buck or two! Thanks to my friend Teri I learned about this awesome website and have been searching for great deals everyday. (wow that sounds like I am starring in an infomercial for diet pills or something...."I learned about this awesome____")

I still struggle with coupons-I'm not wild about a lot of the food that is cheap, no offense but I'm not going to stock my kitchen with canned chili and hot pockets. This website has shown me that there are different options out there besides the frito pie recipes that we all seem to save money on! Apparently my subconscious is telling me that we're a dirty family because most of my purchases are soap, deodorant and toothpaste! If a crisis were to happen we may not have food but we'll have lots of shampoo:)