Friday, August 27, 2010

nutritious meal of dirt

Last weekend we went camping with the Donohues. I loved it! It was so pretty and not too cold so that's always a plus. I'm kind of sad to admit this but it was the first time we took Grant camping.....verdict...he LOVED it. This boy was on the go the whole time. Shocker I know. Eating dirt, gathering sticks, trying to play in the fire, shoving pine cones and leaves in his mouth. I sure love the kid but man he puts a damper on my relaxed weekends! Oh well I'm glad he's active and curious (ask me if I still feel that way in another year) Overall he did pretty good. Well if you just forget about the hours from 2 am-6 am. He went to bed ok, us adults sat around the campfire until about 2:00 am and then Grant decided he was tired of waiting up for us to come home to our tent. Yes let's just forget about those wee early hours. We're hopeful that our next outing will be better!

Sadie and David also made a little house for everyone.....or just for decoration.
I had to keep an eye on these little lovebirds. Piper can't resist a rugged mountain man.

On Saturday we took turns watching the kids while the other couple rode bikes. We took all the kids on a little adventure and found this big stick thing. Grant likes anything long and skinny so this was right up his alley. I was a little (or a lot) sleep deprived and my memory is foggy but I'm assuming he was frustrated that he couldn't pull this out, being the good mom I am I just kept walking away.

Having a stern talk about underage dating.

Isn't this view pretty? I love Colorado!

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