Sunday, August 22, 2010

16 months

I used to get sad that Grant was getting older because it meant my little baby wasn't so little, now I get sad because it means he is that much closer to the terrible twos (and from what I hear they continue until about 5!) Anyway I'm just soaking up all the fun he is right now. I love this stage! Well, I could do without his craziness during church. We tried to pawn him off in nursery today but apparently David and I are really cool, in fact we are much cooler than the toys, snacks and other kids so nursery was a bust. I guess that was our punishment for trying to jump the gun on that one! Here are some things I want to remember about Grant during this stage. Who is excited to be 16 months old???

*RUNS EVERYWHERE....and he's fast!
*he loves anything long and skinny (maybe this is why nursery didn't go so well) for example- swiffer, bike trailer flag, wrapping paper tube, yard stick
*he will fold his arms at the dinner table and occasionally during bedtime prayers
*he is pretty much obsessed with grapes and knows exactly where they are in the fridge
*gives hugs and kisses
*likes to be read to and I often find him sitting in his room "reading"
*doesn't say very many words yet but carried on quite the conversation with a dog on our run the other day
*he will answer "hum?" after you ask him something
*finds clever ways to climb up on our bed and launch into the pillows

We love you baby Grant!


Lindsey said...

How cute is he?!

We are 3. said...

Jodee, he is adorable and getting so big!!!

Nicki said...

He is too cute! He's getting big!

myrna ence said...

We love you too!! It has been great having you in Colorado now.