Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lil' Red...RIP

I've never been a big dog lover, sure they keep ya company and are loyal friends but I've got my reasons. I guess I never really felt the need to have a loyal dog that was excited when I got home, that's because I had my "little red car". Yep that beauty has stood by my side (well more so David's the last few years) and has been through thick and thin with us. She wasn't the most practical snow car but that never stopped her from attempting to be a "big kid" on the roads. She drove me to Idaho for my first college experience, drove David and I down to Arizona to start our new life together. She hauled us all over the Utah valley, made many many trips to Colorado and one massive trip to Wisconsin. Quite the traveler that lil' red car. Sure she's given us a scare here and there but boy she's a fighter and would never let us down. However one very sad day she just couldn't keep up with the demand and decided that driving in reverse was too much for her fraile body. She tries her hardest and has good days and bad, we knew it was time for her to get some extra love and care and handed the keys to a new owner last week. Suprizingly I didn't shed one tear, we will always remember lil' red. Please feel free to express loving memories if needed.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Boy I have been slackin' on the blog lately, I can't promise it will get any better either! The other day David and I were talking about what a whirl wind of a year 2011 was. So many things were up in the air and although it was unpredictable at times it was mainly just exciting. All three of us were able to accomplish major goals this year.

David completed his first semester of grad school and was offered a summer internship with PetSmart in Phoenix. Yep, SUMMER in PHOENIX. What in the world am I going to do with my pale lil' boy?!?! Back to David-he had a busy first semester which included some traveling and lots of preparation for interviews. He had a few offers (Target, AT&T and Durham Brands) which made our decision with PetSmart kind of difficult but staying in the west sure sounds nice;) He was also a trooper for agreeing to move to a new place during finals too!

After about four interviews I was offered a personal training job at 24 Hour Fitness. I love it! I've met some really great people and I'm glad that I am able to use my degree/certification in a way to help others. I know I probably will not always be able to work so I'm grateful for this opportunity.

Grant has had quite the year-his speech has improved and his ability to quote "The Elf" and "Nacho Libre" is somewhat embarrassing! His biggest accomplish yet is the fact that he gave Cosmo the cougar a high five! We heard about it for a full week! I am here to announce that Cosmo came up to us at yesterday's game and had a bite of our popcorn. Looks like we will have another earful:)

Ok on to pictures.....
This is pretty much what Grant looked like the whole month of December.
The easiest way to tell if Grant is pleased with something is by this very expression. He had it on his first birthday when the cake came out, the night he saw Cosmo and obviously when he opened his new drill/hammer.

If only I had permanent entertainment for Grant like I do when family is around.