Friday, February 25, 2011


I remember thinking that being married would mean just going on lots and LOTS of really fun dates ALL THE TIME. We could go out to eat whenever we wanted and of course money would never be an issue. I'd wear the most gorgeous clothes and we'd drive up in our swanky new car. We'd go to movies, concerts, overnight trips etc. We could stay out all night and not have to worry about cleaning our rooms hours before the date.  Lucky for us we did do a lot of fun things when we were first married. Then came Grant. Dun dun dun.....just (kind of) kidding! He's pretty cute company (well for the first 10 minutes) and it sure beats paying for a babysitter. Hello cheapskate!

Last Sunday I stayed home with a boogered-nose Billy Grant and about 10 minutes after he fell asleep I got the most glorious phone call. David said that the YW were having a service night and offering free babysitting at the church. I was confused as to why he even called to ask if I wanted him to sign up. Life lesson #593 "When someone offers free babysitting in a safe, fun environment you automatically sign up." 

All week I've been counting down the days.....and TGIF!!! (Remember when TGIF was the cool thing to watch? "All That" was my favorite) We're hitting up the movies, none of this "look into each other's eyes while talking over candlelight" mumbo jumbo. You bet I'm in it for the popcorn! 

Guess what fancy outfit I'm wearing??? My one pair of jeans that doesn't have slime down the front and my tennis shoes. Yep I am officially a "Zoobie", all I need is to walk around campus with my Jamba Juice and head over to the bike rack! Seriously though, I'm having some major issues with my feet and the only thing that makes them happy are my running shoes. I've been trying to strengthen and stretch them but it looks like I might just have to enroll at BYU this upcoming semester instead! 

15 minutes and counting.....hurry up and get here DLux!