Monday, January 31, 2011


Well I did it! I am officially a mom....I chopped my hair off. Yep, about a foot or more. Don't worry it is leaps and bounds better than the 'Milwaukee hack job of 2007'. (As if paying $8.99 in a grocery store salon is hard to beat!) To solidify the fact that I am indeed a mom I wear it in a ponytail EVERY single day. Oh well, it's easy to fix and brush through etc.

Let's see....David had a birthday! Hooray! I started bawling because I didn't have nice gifts for him and he always spoils me silly. I'm sure that's just what he wanted for his b-day, an emotional wreck to deal with! I hope he had a fun day though, we went to Famous Dave's and I made some cupcakes for him, well I made them for his work but apparently once you are out of 3rd grade it's not cool to take things to work. Oh well, Happy Birthday David!

I'm training for a race in April and I do my long runs on Saturday. This weekend was quite the run. I came thisclose to being roadkill, I found a quarter, based on my time I am fairly certain my GU is a placebo, there was some shady business going on at the park....I did mysteriously start to feel more relaxed when I ran past there. Nevermind the fact that I thought purple heffalumps were chasing me, just kidding! I was also chased by a chihuahua, and yes I was terrified! After a few minutes of it following and yapping at me I planned my escape route. Either his legs got tired or his little penny sized lungs popped because I was free at last! A few miles later his hermano came after me-he was wearing a maroon scarf so I wasn't too scared.

I also started teaching aerobics at the church twice a week. Leotards unleashed! I am seriously motivated by these ladies. They lug their kids/snacks/toys/weights etc. and show up happy and ready-puts me to shame! I have realized that if I ever want Grant to cuddle up or play with me all I have to do is stand in front of a group of ladies and start doing jumping jacks. Seriously kid? He's lucky it's not garage sale season or else I might consider selling him for a buck!

Last week I went to Utah with my in-laws. My sil had her senior recital at BYU. She was amazing. Grant and I had a fun time with family and I feel so lucky that we have a great relationship. Cousin Jordan kept Grant entertained!

Isn't she gorgeous? Sorry fellas she's taken!

Speaking of how great of a family I have....they let me slip away for a girls day for a few hours! I love these gals!

Ok off to watch tv....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

little lovelies-gapbody

It's no secret that I miss college. I miss my BYU ward, I miss my apartment, I miss the Richard's Building, I miss eating pancakes with David on campus, I miss my classes (well my health classes), I miss looking at the "Y" and the Provo temple. You know what a really really miss though? My discount at Gap. I worked with the funniest people on the planet, snagged some new threads and occasionally folded clothes. Perfect job. I would say the majority of my work out clothes are from GapBody. They are so breathable, keep their shape, last forever etc. Sadly I have yet to purchase anything since I left the company.....any gappers out there that want to hire me for like 4 hours a week?

If you ever stumble across a "friends and family" deal I would highly recommend trying out their exercise gear-especially pants and hoodies. *forget paying top dollar for their sports bra and socks....hello Target*

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

little lovelies-midnight in moscow

Did you know that Russians pronounce it "Moskva"? It's just as easy to say "Moskva" than it is "Moscow" silly Americans! Anyway call me a goth or whatever you'd like I'll be the first to admit that I LOVE dark nail polish. I absolutely love O.P.I's Midnight in Moscow. It's a deep purple polish that lasts and lasts. O.P.I. does a great job at having enough polish on the brush that you don't need to put on lots and lots of coats. Any other favorite dark polishes out there?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Typical Christmas Post

I wouldn't be a true blogger if I didn't jump right on and blog about my wonderful, fabulous Christmas and New Year right? Well it was wonderful and fabulous. David and I had a relaxing time with our families and it was so nice to be with people that we love and that (hopefully) love us!

I must say, Grant did pretty darn good on the trip. He's been skipping out on naps lately, and while it is very annoying to have a booger nose kid attached to me all day, this whole "no nap" thing seemed to work out beautifully on vacation. I didn't have to worry about keeping everything quiet, and rushing back to get him down etc. Very easy! And lo and behold he likes naps again. A true (after Christmas) miracle!

He had a great time with his cousins and Dobby the dog. David and I were spoiled by all of Grant's loving aunts/uncles/grandparents. We hardly had to watch the kid, I could get used to that....hum....kind of defeats the point of having kids right?

We had a great time just playing with family, eating yummy food, sharing Christmas memories, listening to others talents and stories, shooting guns, playing with the dogs, and mainly just being together. We also tried to take care of my mom....she wanted to impress us by doing the splits, actually she fell on the floor and tore her hamstring. She didn't let that stop her from having fun though!

I'm really excited about 2011, I can feel that it's going to be a good year. Now that I wrote that I of course will be cursed. Watch my back!

We had a fun New Year's party with friends. The kids were all downstairs watching a movie while the adults were busy chatting and playing games. Next thing we know their is rice ALL over the basement. The kids we either a.) pretending someone was getting married b.) helping use up the food storage or c.) decided that lil' smokies and cookies were not a sufficient dinner. This was probably the only time I didn't envy someone with a good food storage supply!