Sunday, May 20, 2012

all aboard the birthday train!

As of April 22nd, my sweet baby Grant is no longer a baby :( Growing up is such a weird emotion for me. I love all the new tricks and skills he is learning but I just wish I could keep him a baby and have him snuggle up all day.

This kid has been talking about a Thomas cake for the last, who knows how many, weeks! Anytime we'd mention his birthday he would just respond that all he wanted was a Thomas cake and to blow out the candles. Easy enough for me! Every time I'd think about decorations or who we were going to invite the focus immediately shifted from Grant. I really hope that I can keep his parties about him and not all the fancy pinterest ideas, but man that's hard! We were originally going to be in St.George for his birthday so I figured we'd just do something fun down there. Well...we ended up staying in Colorado longer which turned out to be great, that way we were able to celebrate with extra family.

I attempted a Thomas party but it looked pretty homemade:) Grant loved it though and that's all that matters. My dad made this toy Thomas and he was obsessed with it that night. My mom even found the theme song to play on the piano, that was a hit too.

I love his "birthday faces", this kid kills me.

For my own purposes, Grant received: a doctor kit, train whistle, books, sleeping bag, basketball hoop, train tracks, catching game, and tools. Lucky duck! We played our annual "Grant trivia" game and to keep with traditions, we took him to deposit his piggy bank. Would he really know the difference if a few Benjamin's were missing?! Tempting, tempting.

I took him in for his 3 year check up, other than the possibility of starting speech again everything came back great. He was so cute during the appointment and loved all of her tools. I don't remember the exact height number but it's 50-55% and he's 26 lbs, which is 6%. Still a little tyke, but we love him nonetheless!

Grant facts:
-He always reminds us that he's Grant. "No I'm not a big boy, I'm Grant." , "No I'm not tired, I'm Grant."
-He totally caves to peer pressure, thankfully his friends are a good influence. All I have to say is "Simon likes to brush his teeth." This could be problematic in the future!
-Speaking of friends, he claims (about a million times a day) that he NEEDS to play with friends. Currently he wants to do everything with our neighbor Simon and even prays for him occasionally.
-Is OBSESSED with Thomas. Like crazy obsessed. He knows all the songs and words to most movies. All the numbers and colors of the trains. The other day we were walking around the store, I just hear this soft whisper..."5-James, 6-Percy, 7-Toby" as we passed each aisle number. Thomas is mentioned in prayers most evenings.
-He is very concerned for others and doesn't like when someone is hurt or sad
-If I ask him for something/to do something he'll respond, "just a second mom, k, just a second." or sometimes he'll say "that sounds good."
-"Maybe Papa Joe will fix it" , "Maybe when daddy gets home." Are quoted frequently.
-Still eats every fruit under the sun, he'll down a pound of strawberries in one sitting and ask for more.

Love you baby Grant!