Monday, November 23, 2009

7 months

Stop growing up Grant! Stop it! Man oh man this was an interesting month for all of us. Grant was committed each and everyday to do the impossible---he decided to set a goal of NOT napping for more than 40 minutes A DAY!!! Yes that's right, he figured there was a record that needed to be set and for those of you who know me well you know I am all about goal setting so it was just natural for him to take on this challenge! Ugh! We finally convinced him that Santa is watching his every move and knows if he's been naughty or nice....well that and we realized he likes it to be in the dark, who knew a dark room would knock him out for 2 hours at a time? This sleeping/routine thing has made a world of difference for all of us! Hum just in time for us to go on vacation and get all out of whack again! Sleeping or not we sure love this little guy!

*still sleeps well at night
*holds his right ear and sucks on his left hand to comfort himself
*likes to watch Mickey Mouse
*has started branching out with foods
*likes looking at books/mirrors
*loves to watch David play guitar and has started laughing at us....we really have to work for it but he'll do it!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

open wide

We were planning on giving Grant his first taste of cereal while in CO but he thought sleeping would be more fun. I'm actually really glad we didn't because he was all messed up anyway and to add cereal on top of that would probably be a bad combo. Anyway we gave him some spoonfuls on Sunday and yep it's official the boy is ours-this kid loves food! He kept trying to grab the spoon and had a death grip on it the whole time.

Monday, November 2, 2009

blast off

What can I say I think this is the cutest lil' costume out there! And the lil' astronaut boy is pretty darn cute himself! We had a fun Halloween, made "crater" cookies and spent the day with friends/neighbors. It wouldn't have hurt to have it be a smidgen warmer out but atleast we didn't have snow like there usually was for me growing up!

I'm excited to be a mom now for all the holidays. I keep remembering all the fun things we did growing up and I am getting excited for when Grant is old enough to enjoy trick-or-treating and counting down the days until Christmas. I know I shouldn't get ahead of myself but I can't help it! It's been so much fun watching him grow!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

the big hunt

Guess who loves to fly...and blow bubbles???

About a week ago we decided to scoot on over to CO to check somethings off our list.

David and his dad elk huntin'-check
Grant has a 1/2 birthday-check
Grant falls asleep during his "party"-check
spending time with friends-check
spending lots and lots of time with family(and seeing David's grandparents)-check
Grant "napping" through the night-check
G gets a cold-check....and still checking that one off
flying from MKE->ORD->DEN->HDN and back-check
Grant sleeping on EVERY flight and doing very well....uh...he did have one teeny tiny 3 minute freak out from Chicago to Milwaukee but after 6 legs of flying I think we were all about to flip out!

We really did have a great time, Grant is still trying to get back to his routine. I'm sure things will become smooth again about a week before we leave for Christmas;)

What was so scary? I look like a deer in headlights! Yikes!