Monday, March 22, 2010

11 months

Well it's that time again, man oh man the time is just flying by. The only new news is that Grant can twist his tongue (both ways) just like his mama! I was really really excited to see this!  

*only 2 teeth still, there are 2 more coming in manifested by the gnawing of the fingers!
 *crawling and climbing up on EVERYTHING
*likes to be out and about...the store, library, restaurants, friends etc. etc.
*he is so close to standing by himself but he likes to make a game out of it by just collapsing in our arms instead.  rather annoying if you ask me!
I love the feeling of accomplishment and knowing that I am doing something for the greater good. A lot of days I feel like just do the mundane things of motherhood-not that there is anything wrong with that but it's easy to feel like "just a stay at home mom" is boring and I must not be doing much with my life. This past weekend David and I went to the temple to do some work for family members and it really helped me to feel the importance of the gospel and my role as a member. I'm grateful that we were able to go down to Chicago as a family. Grant was fairly content staring out the car window at the snow while David and I took turns going through a session. I'm so grateful to have my family and know that we can be together forever.

Monday, March 8, 2010

typical day....

Those who know me well know that I love routines and order. I get on these little kicks where I have to do/eat/look at something everyday for "x" amount of days or I just feel all out of whack. Can we say OCD? It has come to our attention that Grant has his own little routines and habits that he likes to do.

#1. Play in his toys

#2. Once that gets boring he moves on to the kitchen

#3. Plastic toys are for babies so he moves on to the knives and sharp items in the dishwasher

#4. While I am cleaning up the plastic explosion in the kitchen Grant climbs all over the couches and coffee table (only 1 bloody mouth so far!) and likes to scoot around! Oh and I won't even bother to take a picture of the blinds or baskets that he has bent to heck!

#5. Got to get 30 minutes of practice in

#6. This is hard work so he decides to hang out in his "crib in the hood"...I mean sleep in his crib while wearing a hood.