Sunday, September 23, 2012

the latest

I'm a fairly predictable gal and I like things to go a certain way. When plans change I'm either 1.) frustrated or 2.) grateful. Last year was filled with heartache as we experienced two miscarriages. Three total miscarriages and only one baby? I felt like I was against all the odds. I feel silly to even complain, I know people go through hard things each and every day. I know my situation is no harder/easier than others. I spent many days and nights on my knees praying to Heavenly Father for answers and comfort only to feel like my requests were bouncing off the ceiling and landing back on the floor. David and I tried to just focus on other things than the thought of having more kids, closing that gap between Grant and the next, explaining why we'd been married "so long" with "only one child".

We moved down to Phoenix for the summer and a few weeks later found out we were expecting! I quickly made an appt with a random OB down there. She was as sweet as could be and in my mind a true godsend. She put me on all sorts of meds/vitamins and wanted me to come in for an ultrasound the next week. As I sat there the ultrasound tech informed me that "sorry, you're not 8 weeks like you thought, you are only 6." Isn't that the worst news to hear at those appts? She then looked over at the NP and said "Do you see this?!" I immediately started to worry. No heartbeat? Abnormal growth? She kindly looked at me and said "There are TWO heartbeats there!" WHAT???? I rested my head on the pillow and tried to soak in what I had just heard. Both the tech and nurse said "You must be making up for lost time." We're poor college students so I guess my BOGO coupon works for babies too:)

I started feeling guilty about not trusting Heavenly Father, about not having faith in his timing. I'm so grateful for the blessings these little babies have already brought in to my life. Obviously I'm going to be worried and concerned for them but I already feel so much comfort from friends, family, strangers. It's been a pretty overwhelming experience that I can't even explain.

I'll answer the basic questions I get asked about a million times a day:)

-no, I was not on any fertility treatments
-no, twins don't really run in the family. David has a couple twin cousins but twins usually need to run on the mother's side and identical twins (which they think our's are) are completely random
-no, I am not running
-no, I am not working
-yes, we will find out the genders
-no, I don't think they are a boy and girl, especially if they are identical.....
-yes, I am a afraid of my body just splitting in half and the babies falling right out....thanks for asking
-no, I wasn't "twice as sick". I was sick for a little while at the beginning but still not too bad compared to most women. I was on progesterone for 12 weeks and that made me throw up every other day or so.
-yes, I'm seeing an OB AND a high risk doctor
-i don't know, if we will get a minivan right away:)
-yes, being pregnant with twins is completely different than singletons (not to say it's harder, just different.)
-no, we will not do rhyming names
-yes, if they are girls we will most likely have a tv show like Tia and Tamera or the Olsen twins

So, there ya have it! Stay tuned, about 8 more days and we should know the gender! Woohoo!