Wednesday, September 23, 2009

large sharp objects are safe right???

Well since G is banned from his bumbo he had to get his dangerous fix somewhere. I came in the living room and found him playing under the coffee table and was all smiles!

Being the good mother I am I haven't moved it and he keeps rolling over to it, I swear this thing could entertain him for hours-if it doesn't poke his eye out first! Cheap IKEA furniture seemed like a good purchase at the time:)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

5 months

Man this kid just keeps growin' and growin'. He has been SSOOO stinkin' fun lately. He makes all these cute squeals and sounds everytime David and I are around. I know it sounds cheesy but parenthood really is the best thing in the world! I feel so lucky to be able to play with him all day and watch him learn and grow! We love you baby G!
*He still loves taking a bath
*Plays with his toes/socks all day
*Would spend all day outside if we let him. Bad news kid...we live in WI and winter is just around the corner! If he is cranky we just take him over to the door and he quickly stops because he knows he'll be outside in a matter of seconds!
*Likes to suck on pretty much anything but mainly his fingers or toys
*Oh he is banned from the bumbo....he somehow tucks his leg under and pushes himself out and plops on the floor. Today I found him pretty much doing a back flip over it. Yep no more bumbo-it's in timeout!
*Rolls and rolls and rolls and rolls
*Likes to play in his crib and falls asleep on his stomach or side a lot
*Is starting to giggle when David plays with him
*Still loves his toy cow

No "monthy update" would be complete with a tongue picture...this is so funny to me because he never really sticks it out unless we have the camera shoved in his face!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

harvest festival

Yesterday we went up to Cedarburg for the Harvest festival. It was such a pretty day to be outside walking around as a family. I swear it's the same vendors at every fest but we still like going to all the free events. We are probably their worst enemy because we refuse to pay for parking (but seriously it's like .25 miles away so how hard is that to walk and save $5?) and we usually either don't get any food or if we do we just share something. Oh I guess I should mention that it was "Wine and Harvest Fest" so obviously we didn't drink anything so once again they struck out on trying to get us so blow our money...better luck next year!

We went into two old antique shops (trying to find old sports stuff) and Grant loved looking around at everything, everyone kept commenting on how alert he was. He has always been a very curious boy which is fun now but will probably test my patience in the near future! Relax Grant it's just a tree!

Our sad attempt at a photo shoot

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Gran(t)parent's Day!

Today is Grandparent's Day so we're giving a big shout out to them!!! Thanks for being such wonderful Grandmas and Grandpas.

welcome to my fall!

Yesterday we walked the JDRF walk at the zoo which was pretty much a free day at the zoo...can't beat that! Grant liked looking around but mainly slept in the stroller. After the walk I was planning on us going to the kite festival...silly me forgot that there was a BYU game. I know I know, it shouldn't be hard to remember that EVERY Saturday is devoted to football these next few months;) Anyway we had a fun time watching the game with friends, besides we need to teach Grant about BYU by example right? I guess there are like 3 kite festivals a year of these days! Oh yeah, GO COUGARS!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

put your thinking caps on....

Book club is tonight and we're deciding which books to read for the year. Any suggestions? I planned on just going for the social aspect of it but hey why not shock a few people by actually having a suggestion!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

and so the obsession begins....

Growing up my parents always took us to local sporting events, however the last 7 years I have been lacking in my community involvement. Last night we decided to go support the H.S. that Grant will be going know since we'll be living in our apt in Butler until we die;) and watch the varsity football game. Grant loved it. LOVED IT! He just kept staring at the flags and all the players and spectators. It was a lot of fun to spend time as a family and be with friends outside while the weather is still nice. Those darn bedtimes that make us have to leave the game early though. Bummer. BYU plays tonight and we've been working extra hard on the fight song! GGOOOO COUGARS!!!