Wednesday, November 20, 2013

life with twins

I think every mother of little ones can agree that the phrase "you've got your hands full." has got to be the most annoying sentence ever. Yes, I do but it's not like I have that many kids. Living in California is quite amusing too. Most people have a nanny, yes a nanny, for two children. They can't grasp the idea that I stay home with ALL my children. I do enjoy it though. Tatum and Kate have proved to be the happiest babies around. We are truly blessed to have such "easy" girls. I know it won't always be that way but these last 9 months (are they really that old?) have been such a wonderful, and fun experience.

There are so many worries with raising daughters, especially when they might compete with each other. I just hope they can love each other and always be close friends. I worried that one would be a little more advanced, and I'm sure it might come to that someday, but for now they each have their strengths. Tatum learned to roll, smile, and clap first. Kate has learned to scoot, babble and sprout teeth first. They each have their "fussy" periods and thankfully they really aren't at the same time. I'm glad that they each go through "happy/sad" times and that it isn't just one girl that is constantly needing my attention. 

To be completely honest the hardest part is just taking extra steps everywhere. Pick one up from the crib, put her in the playroom, get the other one out of the crib, put her in the playroom. Put her in the highchair, put her in the highchair. Buckle in carseat, take out to the car, buckle in carseat, take out to car. I tell David that I am literally just taking care of kids all day....the basic feeding, changing, bathing takes a long time. Grant tries to help where he can and I really appreciate it. These kids adore each other. I love it, I sometimes feel like my heart is going to just burst right open when I watch them interact.