Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Too much to blog!

Well I have much too much to say so I better get writing! First of all Thanksgiving was a blast for us. Our friends the Johnsons had us and the Greens over for a fab dinner. I had a great time making food for Thanksgiving and an even greater time eating it. This was our first Thanksgiving without family and we felt so blessed to have such good friends to share the holiday with.

On Tuesday (21st) my grandmother passed away, she was a wonderful woman and will be missed. We flew out to Colorado (which was -6 degrees) on Friday (after hitting Kohl's big sale!) and the service was on Saturday and then we flew back on Sunday. We pretty much spent the whole weekend in the air but it was worth every minute of it. Oh when we were flying from Denver to Alamosa (there were only 4 people on the plane)the alarm on the plane went off due to weather conditions....not a comforting feeling I might add. We loved spending time with my family and being able to reflect and celebrate the life of my grandmother, I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family. Anyway we are adjusting to being back at work/school and are counting down the days until Christmas break!

This is a picture of a bat that was dead on one of the couches in the church the funeral service was at.....hum.....creepy???

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Oh Donna Jo

Well today I was at the gym wishing that something good was on the tv when lo and behold Candice Cameron (Donna Jo Tanner...aka DJ from Full House)was on the VIEW! I must say I've never watched the VIEW but today I was totally hooked (until they brought on another guest). It was so awesome because Candice was talking about how she gave up acting to be a stay-at-home mom, I always knew that I could be just like DJ! It was just nice to hear of a successful person (laugh all you want, she is successful) make the decision to have a family. I guess all those Tanner Family Fun nights really paid off! I really do learn life lessons from Full House!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Aw sweet lil' kiddos

Well today was my first FULL day back to school and let me tell ya I was not overly excited to go back. Anyway I've been a little overwhelmed with school and the students and what not and then all of the sudden a student came up to me...."Welcome back Mrs. Luke" it was the sweetest thing. Then a few minutes later...."I heard you had a nasty reaction to a drug." What is going on these kids are actually interested in my life??? I had a few students ask me questions throughout the day and it made me so happy. After this experience I was thinking "hum maybe teaching isn't such a bad thing after all." That feeling was short lived once I saw all the 14 year olds kissing in the halls, they are just so "IN LOVE"....oh geez.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bloody ear

Hum...that can't be a good sign! Well around midnight I woke up with an awful ear ache/sore throat/head ache etc. etc. so I called in sick today (I'm sure it looked bad that I went to the Marquette/UVU game last night and somehow I could not go to work today!) anyway I've just been sleeping like all day. It's frustrating because I was like "yes a day off of school I can clean, cook, workout, watch TV, work on school stuff..." but I just needed (and wanted) to sleep. I didn't even watch the Price is Right (which by the way is totally not the same without Bob Barker :( or Full House) anyway I would be sleeping and then I'd wake up and find spots on my pillow, I just thought liquid was draining out of my ear....yep it's blood...I went to the doctor today and doc said that I have one of the worst ear infections that he's seen in a really long time. Oh that's comforting. They gave me a shot in the bum and sent me on my way, hopefully I'll start feeling better soon! Poor lil' Jode.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hunky Hubby Survey

Hunky Hubby SurveyWhat is your husband's name:
David Forrest Luke
How long have you been together:
Wow it's been over 4 years! August 21, 2003!
How long did you date:
Well we officially started "dating" Feb 21, 2003 and then we were engaged on May 21 and then married on August 21....can you see the pattern??? To answer the question...6 months I guess.
Who eats more:
ice-cream...hands down that's me but everything else is Dave. He's a guy what do you expect?
Who said I love you first:
David...what a brave lil' soul!
Who is taller:
hum....considering that I'm 5' I would have to say David on this one.
Who sings better:
David by far....I just assumed that good singing skills would come with the last name when we got married but it turns out I need some practice. Just a side note....David really does have an AMAZING voice he just chooses to play the guitar (which he is a rock star at also) instead.
Who is smarter:
David is SO good a remembering facts (I said facts not details...jk babe)....he's one of those kids that you hated in school because he would never study and then he'd just get an A+ on the test where I on the other hand would work my booty off and still manage a C. He LOVES to read, I feel lucky to have a smarty pants hubby....yet he makes me feel like I'm the smart one....that just shows how smart (and sweet) he really is!
Whose temper is worse:
David has a hotter temper with other people (mainly drivers) whereas I keep it all in throughout the day and then take my frustrations out on him. I don't know is this question supposed to make me feel guilty? Well it is....moving on...
Who does the laundry:
Overall I think I do more laundry but he is VERY willing to help....oh I don't iron it's just not my "thing" so IF it absolutely needs to be perfect Dave is the one for the job!
Who does the dishes:
We both do. Probably me a little more.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed:
If you are looking at the bed David is on the right side.
Who pays the bills:
We're supposed to pay bills????
Who cooks dinner:
Well it used to be Bajio and Cafe Rio. Actually we have always worked opposite schedules so we would usually just have cereal or a sandwich. Overall I would say that when we do have dinner it's a little more David but times are changin' now that I have my blender/food processor!
Who drives when you are together:
David.....is it silly that I feel bad for our little red car because we would rather drive our other car? Everytime we go to leave I feel like I need to sneak into the VUE so that the red car doesn't see me leave. Aw...I know that's dumb!
Who is more stubborn:
here we go again...another guilt trip question....just move on....
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong:
WOW enough with the 3rd degree! OK I think I'm the first to apologize for the situation but I have a VERY hard time saying that I was wrong...I know it's not healthy and I'm working on that!
Whose parents do you see the most:
Wait someone is coming to visit us??? I think we keep it pretty even steven...our parents live in the same town so it's a blessing and a curse. I've seen my mom a lot more lately.
Who kissed who first:
I think it was pretty mutual...maybe a little more David...I guess he just couldn't resist me :)
Who asked who out first:
David asked me to a b-ball game and I couldn't go and then I asked him to a b-ball and he came right at the end...(I think he was playing video games)...I guess he didn't want to seem to eager? Anyway our first real date was to a Joe Nichols concert (David asked me) and it turned out that the concert was the night before...nice try babe!
Who proposed:
Dave, even though we already had a date picked out, wedding colors, honeymoon etc. Hey I like to plan ahead is that so wrong??? Do I dare admit that I bought a wedding magazine after our first week of dating???
Who is more sensitive:
Depends...I cry at "Full House" episodes, sappy (or even normal) commercials, movies, kids playing nicely with one another, old people in love, cards, people who need a friend, ok I guess that would be me. In the words of David "Jod you need to grow some thicker skin"
Who has more friends:
Most of our friends are married so we each have someone to hang out with!
Who wears the pants in the family:
On things that don't matter such as where to eat, movies, radio etc. I would say that the pants fit perfectly on me. On big decisions David usually will have an idea or feeling and then we discuss it together....I love team work.....there's no "I" in team but there is a "me"....well if you move the letters around! moving on...
Where did you meet your husband:
In our hometown Craig Colorado, he moved there when he was 12 and we never really talked until he was like 21...I guess we met through church? family? It's a fairly small town so you pretty much know everyone for the most part.
What was the first thing you said to your husband:
"Jodee you are the most amazing and beautiful girl in the whole world, why have I waited so long to call you? You are the light in my life." Ok not really...I don't remember...when I was a senior in high school we were both planning on moving to Utah to go to school and he suggested that we "go out for pizza" when we move there, that was like the first "real" conversation that we had. Hum...a pizza date is sounding pretty good right now!
Where was your first date:
Oops sorta already answered this one- Joe Nichols concert, well actually since the concert was the night before we ended up going to the movies.
Where was your first kiss:
my sisters house....yeah we agree that isn't the most romantic place but what's done is done.
Where did you get engaged:
Loudy Simpson park...he had a little "concert" set up with Joe Nichols playing on the cd player and flowers (from my sisters house!) and hot chocolate etc. it was really cute! That was his way of showing our relationship from the first date to our engagement.
Where were you married:
Bountiful Temple
How did your reception go:
Great! I wished we could have danced more, talked with friends/family more, I regret not getting my hair/makeup/nails done but I wasn't focused on that. Oh our wedding cake arrived at the church in a round shape rather than square...no biggie it was still yummy cake!
Where was the honeymoon:
Beautiful San Francisco, CA.
If you could have changed anything about it what would it have been:
Made it last longer, had more money to blow!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

small world

Sunday was our Stake Conference and we of course got lost on the way to the church, I was starting to get a little worried but we made it. It was a blessing that we got lost because as soon as we sat down (in the overflow) I saw my BYU Russian professor. It was crazy, I was like "hum....that's a familiar face....wait a minute....he's my russian teacher!" It was fun to chat with him and see why in the world he is in WISCONSIN!!! Good times....school has been going fairly well. The students weren't allowed to dress up on Halloween which was a bummer, I was even going to be a cupcake with a big red "X" through it (I'm a health teacher I got to be a good example) anyway I had to leave my costume in the car. Darn it. Let's see what else....we had a yummy soup party at Miriam's on Friday and then David and I went shopping at Kohl's on Saturday, gotta love all the discounts! We bought a food processor/blender which I am in LOVE with. We got one for our wedding but it busted the very first try. I was a little hesitant to try this one out after that experience but we were very impressed. We got a little carried away with it and made FRESH salsa (mango and tomato) and guacamole. Yeah we pretty much love everything about it. What a pointless blog today.