Thursday, August 25, 2011

I hate playing catch up!

Ok so let's see.....waaayyy back in July, we (and my awesome parents) packed up our apt in CO and the next day David loaded Grant up in the "big yellow truck" and headed for his parents. I went the opposite direction with my parents and flew to AZ for my niece's baptism. I didn't have my camera with me but Kaitlyn looked so pretty that day. It was nice to see my family and not have to chase Grant around the whole church and worry about sleep etc. It seemed like Grant had just as much fun without me. In fact when I opened the door to see him he started screaming "NNOOOO" and ran in the other room. Why thank you Grant, I appreciate that! (once he saw me holding the new little baby cousin he quickly remembered that I was HIS mama and nobody else better sit on my lap!)

We stayed a few days in Craig and snuggled up with my new handsome little nephew, then drove to Provo and saw my cute niece up in SLC...then drove back to Craig THAT NIGHT! My dad was such a huge help to come drive/unload/clean etc. We relaxed in Craig, did some fishing, helped finishing projects around the house, oh and Grant pretty much ran into every parked car on the street. The poor kid was terribly sleep deprived, pair that with being attacked by mosquitoes and having swollen eyes, yep he looked like riff raff!

We've been in Provo about 2 weeks and things have been going great. David started orientation last week and can already tell that he is going to have a lot of fun. It's nice to be back in Provo and we feel very blessed with the major turn of events that have happened over the last 2 years. Yes things are still up in the air and scary but I'm glad that David and I can work together to complete this goal of his. I think we're all going to be very happy here.....especially once it cools off, since I don't have a/c!!! Grant lovingly refers to our ahem "new" apt as "Pobo House"-yep our teeny tiny apt contains ALL of Provo. We lovingly refer to Grant as the "Pobo hobo" since that's what he looks like most days;)

Things have been pretty busy and school hasn't even started yet! The Spouse Association....I suppose you could call it the 'First Wives Club' has done some fun events and we've met some really great people. It's been nice to have family/old friends around and a handful of WI friends to count on. Yes I think we are going to love it here!