Thursday, March 10, 2011


Hum...where to begin??? A few months ago I decided to start studying to become a Personal Trainer. I know I know....laugh it up. I can barely bust out a push up and I eat insane amounts of ice-cream. Lucky for me I have an extremely supportive family (especially David) that pushed me to follow this dream. Cheesy? Sure, but I'm just being honest! I actually had a really fun time studying for the exam but I am oh so excited to be able to just focus on Grant again-poor kid has been living off stepped on Cheerios and apples! To celebrate that I passed we went out as a family, then picked up some Pinkberry. Grant somehow found a balloon at the book store, now that I write this I realize we flat out stole that...oops.

Grant must know that I am done studying because he has been super sweet and fun, lots of hugs and kisses. Today I was lying on the couch (so sue me...I was out late and up early!) and he climbed right up, scooted over a little and started stroking my head and twirling his little fingers through my hair. I should be worried but instead I just think it's cute. I promise I only drank water this night, my eyes seem to tell a different story....I just loved that Grant finally sat on my lap for more than 2 seconds!

random note: We had a "Mardi Gras Parade" in our home. Yep, same stolen balloon.

This little boy had way too much fun, I pray he never goes to a real Mardi Gras Parade or we'll be in trouble! See what I mean.....