Thursday, June 13, 2013

Big Brother

Grant has been such a fun little buddy/helper to me and a wonderful big brother. These girls sure do love him. He can make them smile and laugh almost instantly, which is great but then he manages to take it about 100 steps too far and drive me bonkers! I know he just wants to help, but lifting the babies off the floor or "helping" them roll over isn't quite as helpful as he thinks.

He turned 4 in April and insisted on a Thomas the train party at the bounce house. We somehow managed to get the exact same cake as last year, oh well, as long as it's chocolate I don't really care what the heck is on it!

This kid LOVES numbers, LOOOVES them. We can't even leave the driveway without him pointing out all the numbers on the houses or cars. Anytime he gets the mail or looks through papers he points out all the numbers. He memorizes birthdays or addresses and other random number facts. Cracks me up.
While on our walk one day got off his bike and went over to pick me a flower because "girls like pink, and this flower is pink."

He has a great imagination and humorous personality. I never know who he is going to be, often he is Charlie Bucket (Willy Wonka), other days he is Charlie Brown or Thomas the train. In order to get his attention I have to call him by the new name. He is extremely observant and detail oriented. He has an amazing memory that often gets David and I in trouble..."but you said we could buy this when dad got paid." or my new favorite is that he likes to tell everyone about us/ our conversations "my mom's belly button...." I'm excited for him to start preschool in the fall. Since moving here he's been the most social little boy in the neighborhood. He's always eager to meet new friends and say "hi" to strangers on our walks/bike rides.

We started a page of "Grantisms" and here are some of my favorites.

-"it's better when you do some counting number exercises."

-"yeah, well, it looks like a rocket ship, but it's not. it's a temple." (Provo Temple)

-"Grant, we're in California now!", "Yeah, but it's so so far away from 1401." (our old address)

-"I wish I could grow bigger and get lots of work and look at numbers." (referring to David's job.)

-"We could be a family and go to the beach and carry stuff." 

He put all my hair rollers on his arms and asked if I remembered that time when he broke his arms. Yep, that's Grant...crazy, sweet, random.