Sunday, April 29, 2012

catch up

I know you all have been missing the play by play of our exciting lives. Let me give you the 'I'm too lazy to post about every detail, and you'd probably rather me do a quick post instead' post. David finished his first year of the MBA program! Woohoo! I'll be honest, this was a fairly stressful year for us. Two moves, two miscarriages, starting school, interviews for internships, me starting at 24 Hour Fitness (which then I ended up quitting for the summer and will most likely not be going back), finals, potty training, etc. It's nice to just have one year under our belts and to kind of relax this summer. If you consider 120 degree weather relaxing!

David and his dad caught the fishing bug last summer and it seems to still be hanging around. As long as Grant accompanies David on his fishing adventures I'm totally fine with this hobby. Grant enjoys fishing, being outside and mainly just being with David.

Oh and who can forget Easter? This year the silly Easter Bunny left a crazy trail through the house for Grant to find his basket, which of course was filled with Thomas paraphernalia. Since Grant gets up before us the smart Easter Bunny left the basket in our room. Unfortunately he left the chocolate doughnuts in the kitchen and Grant spotted them bright and early:)

Well I'm too tired to write more....until we meet again.