Saturday, January 31, 2009

go figure

I had the day off so hubby and I headed to IKEA to look for some baby stuff. Anyway I found some mirrors that I was excited about and of course as soon as we pull it out of the bag at home it's busted. Ah, I guess I'll just have to make another trip back! :)

Oh for all you Wisconsinites that hate the food here I have a little secret....Baja Fresh is right by IKEA. Yeah we were thrilled...and full! mmmm sad thing is I could still eat it right now. Pathetic that we have to drive over an hour for some good Mexican, totally worth it though!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

our magical Saturday

Today has been my ideal all started when I woke up to sunshine, yes I realize it's still like 7 below but hey the sun was shining and my mood could not have been brighter. I had a great workout, did some major cleaning and reorganizing (always puts me in a wonderful mood) David had a free meal at one of our favorite restaurants only to find out that in addition to his free meal (free refills too!) he got a free dessert (and not a whimy bowl of ice-cream either, this thing was perfect!) then we hit up Banana and found some major steals, followed by 4 shirts for under $10 at Old Navy! I'm just waiting for lightening to come down or our house to burn or something...we've been on the outlook all day at when this streak will end! I'm off to bake treats for my class tomorrow....on second thought maybe that will result in the house burning down. Ah it's worth a shot!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

horrible parenting

It's official...this baby has been living off of tums, honey-lemon water and soup for the last 3 days. Hopefully I'll get over this sickness soon. Bummer.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I've been waiting all year (well last year I mean) for this date! LOST!!!!! Who is excited? Woot woot! Note to self: set DVR to record LOST!

Monday, January 19, 2009

not so happy birthday

Today is David's birthday, did he spend it....

a. having an upset stomach
b. listening to Jodee blow her nose, chow down on tums and cough till her voice was gone
c. freeze his fanny in our apt
d. all the above

correct answer: D

Sad but true. I hope he gets better soon. Poor guy.

Ok on to the mushy stuff....since he is 29 here are 29 facts about our lil b-day boy.

1. He loves to hunt
2. He has become quite the little cross-country skier
3. He is one of the most supportive people I know
4. He is learning how to watercolor...and is very good at it!
5. Loves to read
6. Loves spicy food, puts tobasco sauce on everything!
7. He brushes the snow off my car in the's a huge time saver for me and so sweet!
8. He always fills up my water bottle while I lazily sit on the couch (hey these swollen feet can't get around like they used to!)
9. He is a GREAT cook (which works out because I am a great eater!)
10.He is really excited about the baby
11.He is a great helper with the dishes/laundry and other "fun" chores
12.He is an amazing primary teacher
13.He taught himself how to play guitar and still plays almost everyday!
14.He loves BYU football
15.He likes hunting/survival TV shows (something I'll never understand but it's kind of cute!)
16.He could eat Chinese food everyday
17.He still remembers a lot of Russian, and is patient in teaching me
18.He always scratches his head or ear while he talks on the phone
19.He is good at making others feel comfortable
20.He works very hard and is always looking for ways to improve at work
21.He comes to all my doctors appt and even drops me off at the door when I could easily walk
22.He is one of the smartest guys I know
23.He is a loyal friend
24.He loves Christmas time...he will be such a fun dad!
25.He loves the Utah Jazz
26.He loves his family
27.He makes a mean salsa and guacamole
28.He likes to go drive around WI and find new places to visit
29.He loves 80's music

Sorry you had such a sick day babe. I love you!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

safety first

Hubby and I went all around today just shopping, eating and enjoying our day. As we pulled into the parking lot of a store we saw this.......

Now correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it a bad sign if the police have their own parking spot in a store parking lot? Yeah we probably should have left but come on live a little right??? Oh Milwaukee!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

watch me grow

Ok you asked for it! Prego pics galore! I just had my 25 week check up and I'm happy to report that everything is lookin' or should I say cookin' good. He is moving around a lot which makes things so fun! I know I still have awhile but I am really going to miss being pregnant! Besides the constant "teen skin" I love love love it! It's also the best excuse for not running fast, lifting hard, sleeping, eating whatever, wearing ugly clothes etc. so I think that's what I'll miss the most! Anyway here's me!

10 weeks! And so the bump begins!

17 weeks! And so it continues!

20 weeks! Getting bigger by the day!

25 weeks!'s gonna blow!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

cHrIsTmAs ReCaP

Man oh man where to start. We had such a fun Christmas this year, it's crazy to think this was our last one just the two of us. It still hasn't quite hit me that we'll be parents but anyway that doesn't have anything to do with our are some highlights that I hope to remember.

*smooth roads the whole way there AND back. I'm still wondering how we got so lucky!
*sleeping in the car because we are cheap-o
*my dad going to the ER....nothing major but still yucky for him. (sorry about all of that dad, wish you could have felt better during your "vacation")
*watching David and his dad put a marble racer together for like 6 hours
*watching movies with the Luke girls
*new pjs
*listening to Kelsie play the piano
*listening to David play his guitar
*attending church and seeing old friends
*going to Brandy's bridal shower
*watching all the kiddos open their presents
*having the climate change make my face breakout even worse than normal....oh wait that wasn't a highlight!
*Jordan getting an elk, which meant that we stayed a little longer!
*reading The Christmas Sweater....I was so proud of myself for reading a book...only to find out Dave's g-ma read like 5 during her stay. Next year Jodee. Next year.
*rushing to get back to turn the rental car in, only to find the place was closed!
*many many trips to Wal-Mart and K-Mart...I swear I didn't know a single soul there...and I call Craig home. tisk tisk.

-Grandma helping Jarren with his new toy-

I know I am leaving out SO many key points but my brain is a little tired right now so maybe later. Anyway it was so wonderful to be with all of our family and to reflect on how lucky and blessed we truly are.