Tuesday, July 27, 2010

little lovelies-cats in costume

Call me crazy, shoot call me Angela from The Office if you wish but yes I will proudly admit that I am a sucker for dressed up cats. I can't even write it without laughing, I know it's pathetic but I LOVE seeing it! Oh and it has to be a cat/kitten, none of this dressed up dog stuff because that's just weird.

When I was little we used to dress our cat up in doll clothes, strap her in the stroller and head off to the neighbors. She would even let us shove her tail in the onesies and put a bonnet on. She ended up going crazy a few years later hum....

One year David gave me an anniversary card with a cat dressed up on the front. Now talk about the way to a woman's heart right? 
How can you not smile at that? Seriously. I'm busting a gut over here....ah....I really need a hobby.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Harrison Family Reunion

One of the perks about being back in CO is that we are FINALLY able to go to my family reunion. They have been having it in LaVeta, CO for the last 30+ years and this was the first year David has been able to come. Some of my favorite summer memories are from there, hanging around the cabin, talking with family and enjoying the beautiful mountains. It was really fun to be there with Grant and David. I was bummed that my brother and sister couldn't come with their families, hopefully next year. Grant was a good boy and thoroughly enjoyed himself during the trip. He mainly just watched people, tried to tag along with the older cousins, played in the dirt, chased the dog around and of course ate, ate, ate. I don't think I will ever get over how much this kid can eat. Seriously there has to be some kind of record or something.
Grant kept falling asleep during lunch. It was so funny. I did take a video but it's probably not that entertaining to watch unless you are a.) Grant's parents or b.) Grant's grandparents. Anyway use your imaginations it was pretty funny though.

I sure am glad Grant took his role of killing flies seriously. 

I'm glad that David had a fun time too. It seems like childhood things aren't as cool or interesting to others and I usually find myself saying "I guess you had to be there" or "it's different now" but when David told me that he would love to retire there I guess I can assume he had a fun time! 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

little lovelies-oxi clean

I'm not sure why I am posting this since I am ssooo clean and neat and never have a reason to use this stuff. HA! I was practically married to the oxi spray the first 6 months of Grant's life! I remember my mom picked up a box of it from Sam's one time and then my friend Karen gave me some for my baby shower but I had never really tried it before then. Verdict: I love it....and my clothes seem to like it just as much!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

hooray hoorah we love americahhh

I have always loved the 4th of July. I love that everyone is in a good mood-maybe it's the wholesome family time, the fact that we actually reflect on how blessed we are to be Americans, the nice weather, good food, I don't know but I always feel like for 1 day everyone is just nice and I love that! Yes I realize this is a high quality photo, thank you very much.

David was lucky enough to have part of Friday and all of Monday off, so we made sure to pack in lots of fun things! We were able to see my bff (yes I just wrote bff) and her husband on Saturday and enjoyed playing at the park and just catching up with them. Since we are no longer in Utah they actually celebrated the 4th well...on the 4th so we missed a lot of the fun activities. Sunday night we drove up to Brighton and watched the fireworks from the back of our car. It was pouring. We were a little bummed with the fireworks but one nice thing about living out in the plains is that we were able to see lots of different fireworks going off throughout all of Denver as we drove back home. 

Monday morning we decided to venture out by Evergreen for a little (or not so little) family hike. It was beyond beautiful! I loved all the trees and being surrounded by mountains. It felt so good to just get out as be together as a family. Grant was really excited to be outside too. He didn't love wearing his hat but overall he was a pretty happy camper...or hiker...uh....

He got really quiet and I looked up and saw this...

About an hour later he finally woke up and once again enjoyed the hike. We kept giving him different leaves and pieces of grass to play with. He had a death grip on this thing the whole car ride home. I wish every weekend could be a 3 day weekend....well considering I stay home all day I guess I can't really complain:) 

Regardless of what this outfit may suggest, Grant does not work for Target as a cashier. And yes I did buck up as a parent and force him to wear a hat. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

little lovelies-birthday club

I'm all for free things....especially free food! I'm always wanting to go out to eat but can never justify spending the money-cue birthday club. I make it a point to sign up at every restaurant, come June I'm loaded with free meals. My b-day was last Tuesday and I had a plethora of options to choose from.

I love the places that actually give you a free MEAL and not just a free appetizer or dessert because who are we kidding I could just eat chips and salsa at home and get my slush at sonic during happy hour. Anyway....my favorites are Noodles (which for some reason I didn't get one this year-looks like they might not make my top 5 anymore) Ruby Tuesday, Famous Dave's (although you never quite know what your free item will be, sneaky lil' guys eh?), Red Robin and my all time favorite is BD's. We thought this was only in WI but turns out they have one in downtown Denver. We went for David's b-day a year or two ago and not only did we get a free meal but a free dessert too-a good dessert I might add, not just a little cake but a massive ice-cream sundae. Jackpot. Maybe we had a new waitress that time because every other b-day we only get a free meal.

So yes my birthday was last Tuesday and I was thoroughly spoiled. I'm a heavy sleeper and didn't hear a peep out of David and Grant as they made me breakfast. David out did himself and got me some much needed (and wanted) hiking gear and I wore those puppies around all day to break them in.

After a relaxing dinner we went and played miniature golf. Grant did really well (behaving not golfing) and we had a fun time enjoying the great weather. It's probably not a good thing that he did so well because now I just want to take him every night! Thanks for the great b-day!