Tuesday, November 6, 2007

small world

Sunday was our Stake Conference and we of course got lost on the way to the church, I was starting to get a little worried but we made it. It was a blessing that we got lost because as soon as we sat down (in the overflow) I saw my BYU Russian professor. It was crazy, I was like "hum....that's a familiar face....wait a minute....he's my russian teacher!" It was fun to chat with him and see why in the world he is in WISCONSIN!!! Good times....school has been going fairly well. The students weren't allowed to dress up on Halloween which was a bummer, I was even going to be a cupcake with a big red "X" through it (I'm a health teacher I got to be a good example) anyway I had to leave my costume in the car. Darn it. Let's see what else....we had a yummy soup party at Miriam's on Friday and then David and I went shopping at Kohl's on Saturday, gotta love all the discounts! We bought a food processor/blender which I am in LOVE with. We got one for our wedding but it busted the very first try. I was a little hesitant to try this one out after that experience but we were very impressed. We got a little carried away with it and made FRESH salsa (mango and tomato) and guacamole. Yeah we pretty much love everything about it. What a pointless blog today.


Ann-Marie said...

Not pointless...I love to hear the little things!

Kat and Steve said...

Jodee, you could never do anything pointless. Your posts are so entertaining. You would have made an awesome cupcake. Congrats on the food processor...gotta love kitchen gadgets!