Thursday, July 18, 2013


This blog is totally neglected. Ah well, what do you do?

Sooo's pretty much as amazing as you would think. I love that we live in a smaller town that has a farm-like feel to it. There's something so refreshing to live in a place that isn't too big or crowded with strangers and crime. We really enjoy our neighborhood and ward. We quickly found out last summer during our internship in AZ that we are NOT hot weather people. Especially in the summer when kids are home all day. Living in the bay area is perfect for us since it does get chilly. I guess we are true Coloradans in that way.

We're a little over an hour from San Fran and 45 mins from Monterey/Carmel. We were able to visit Monterey/Carmel last weekend and I'm already excited to go back....preferably not on a Saturday! The sand was so soft and the water was gorgeous. Grant has turned in to a little beach bum and constantly asks to go. It's tricky to take 3 kids to the beach by myself. The girls are easy but I just don't have enough hands to carry all our gear. Oh well, we try to make it there as much as we can though.

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