Thursday, July 18, 2013

growing babes

These girls are just growing right before my eyes. I can't handle it. They are in a fun and easy stage and I just want them to stay small and sweet forever....they are absolute gems.

This last month they've both really grown. They are rolling, not a ton but they still do it every now and then. They are super smiley and are laughing. I think every mother can agree that that is the best sound in the world. They are quick to smile but they tire easily of the same "blowing bubbles" or silly noises we make to try to get a laugh. Grant had certain toys or tickles that always guaranteed a laugh but they are a little harder to please.
Tatum likes to suck her thumb and Kate prefers her pacifier. I have them in the same crib but I'm wondering if I should split them up now that they are rolling. It's cute to see them sleeping together but there have been cases where they kick each other or one hogs the crib and the other is curled in the corner. The things you never worry about with just one baby right?
look at them just gabbin' about boys. Actually I am nervous about them liking the same boy when they get older. Silly, I know, but it's true.
Sweet Tatum 
Baby Kate

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