Monday, June 21, 2010

It's here!!!!!

Summer is officially here! How are you going to celebrate? We'll we (Grant and I) started the day off by wearing our surf/floral shirts and sunglasses as we went to the store. We enjoyed our fresh strawberries while listening to The Beach Boys, Jack Johnson and Eric Clapton (yes Clapton isn't really summer-ish but he's great and you never need a reason to listen to him right?) We inhaled our fruit smoothies in record time and if that kid ever decides to get up we will head to the park and play in the grass. I can't wait for David to get home tonight and for us to just spend time outside as a family. It's been beautiful here the last few days and although I love when Grant takes naps I sure hate being cooped up inside all day! Ah I can't get enough of summer! I LOVE IT!!!!

I feel sad that I didn't do/say much for Father's day. I am HORRIBLE at expressing my feelings of appreciation and even more HORRIBLE at giving gifts! I'll keep this short, if you really want to read all my mushiness about father's you'll have to pry open one of my journals, I'll just say that I am one lucky girl. I love that I have so many worthy examples in my life who will be a great influence on Grant. I'm thankful for David and the kind things he does for Grant and I. I am grateful for my own dad and father in-law, they are both so gentle and loving and make me want to try harder to be a better person. The greatest perk about David's new job is the distance from our home town. I love being close to our families and having the chance to have Grant be around these great men---oh and the grandma's are pretty cool too I suppose;)

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Ann-Marie said...

Yea for Summer! Your birthday is coming too.......