Monday, June 21, 2010

hooray for vacations!

At the beginning of the month Grant and I hopped in the car with my parents and drove off to St. George! My nephew was getting baptized and it worked out for us to be able to come. It was so wonderful to spend time with ALL my family (minus David and my sisters husband) and to have such a great reason to meet up. I love laughing, talking and just being with my family. Grant had a lot of fun getting spoiled and mooching off everyone for food. Seriously he'd hear someone open a bag of chips or cookies and immediately drop whatever he was doing and walk as fast as he could over there and climb up on whoever! It was pretty funny at first but started to get a little out of control! This trip was definitely a new adventure for him-cookies, popcorn, ice-cream, chips, hamburgers etc. He had a big belly the whole time!

We spent a few days in St. George and then a few more days over in Vegas. We were able to meet up with David's sister and I was happy that she could play with Grant for a few hours. It was pretty hot the whole time so we mainly stayed inside or by the pool. Grant liked being in the water but couldn't quite figure out what he wanted-he didn't want to be held but he didn't want to be alone either-that doesn't really work out but whatever.

David had to fly out to MN so he wasn't able to join us. We sure missed him.....can't you tell??? Just kidding, we really did.

We went bowling (oh how I love the bumpers), swimming, walked around a few hotels, went to the arcade(Grant walked around for a minute barefoot on that carpet...can you guess what color his feet were?) Thanks for the great trip mom & dad!


Ann-Marie said...

It all looks so fun! :)

Dustin Ence said...

Glad we could expose Grant to some real food Jodee!