Monday, March 22, 2010

11 months

Well it's that time again, man oh man the time is just flying by. The only new news is that Grant can twist his tongue (both ways) just like his mama! I was really really excited to see this!  

*only 2 teeth still, there are 2 more coming in manifested by the gnawing of the fingers!
 *crawling and climbing up on EVERYTHING
*likes to be out and about...the store, library, restaurants, friends etc. etc.
*he is so close to standing by himself but he likes to make a game out of it by just collapsing in our arms instead.  rather annoying if you ask me!


Ann-Marie said...

He is SO SO SO cute. 11 months...that is too old!

Ence Family said...

Grant your getting to be a big boy! Time is flying too fast! We sure miss you!

Ruth said...

Wow- his birthday is going to be here before you know it!!! He is so adorable!