Saturday, January 3, 2009

cHrIsTmAs ReCaP

Man oh man where to start. We had such a fun Christmas this year, it's crazy to think this was our last one just the two of us. It still hasn't quite hit me that we'll be parents but anyway that doesn't have anything to do with our are some highlights that I hope to remember.

*smooth roads the whole way there AND back. I'm still wondering how we got so lucky!
*sleeping in the car because we are cheap-o
*my dad going to the ER....nothing major but still yucky for him. (sorry about all of that dad, wish you could have felt better during your "vacation")
*watching David and his dad put a marble racer together for like 6 hours
*watching movies with the Luke girls
*new pjs
*listening to Kelsie play the piano
*listening to David play his guitar
*attending church and seeing old friends
*going to Brandy's bridal shower
*watching all the kiddos open their presents
*having the climate change make my face breakout even worse than normal....oh wait that wasn't a highlight!
*Jordan getting an elk, which meant that we stayed a little longer!
*reading The Christmas Sweater....I was so proud of myself for reading a book...only to find out Dave's g-ma read like 5 during her stay. Next year Jodee. Next year.
*rushing to get back to turn the rental car in, only to find the place was closed!
*many many trips to Wal-Mart and K-Mart...I swear I didn't know a single soul there...and I call Craig home. tisk tisk.

-Grandma helping Jarren with his new toy-

I know I am leaving out SO many key points but my brain is a little tired right now so maybe later. Anyway it was so wonderful to be with all of our family and to reflect on how lucky and blessed we truly are.


Melissa Dionne said...
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The Toland Tots of Tanglewood said...

Next year you won't be reading 5 books. Sorry to break the news...with a baby you won't have time to read. Glad you guys had safe travels!