Friday, October 10, 2008


We had such a fun time with my family. Luckily the weather was in our favor the whole time so we could actually enjoy our little outings! Some highlights of the trip...drumroll please....

*Deep dish pizza
*Top of Sears Tower
*City tour (I recommend this to anyone who visits Chicago)
*Riding around the on the train (watching a guy pull out a full cheesecake and start eating it...oh yeah he also had a toaster in his bag???? You know for when hunger strikes I guess)
*Nauvoo Temple (this is seriously one of the most beautiful temples I have ever been in)
*The little shops in cookies at the bakery! Jackpot!
*Mississippi River
*Picking apples (well buying apples) at Barthel Farm.....can't get enough honey crisp apples!
*all the beautiful leaves
*and for all you Wisconsinites...I had my first trip to Menards!

Thanks for coming out guys, we hope you had fun!


Kat and Steve said...

Aren't you guys just the party animals? Sounds fun!

myrna ence said...

Still wasn't enough time to go and see everything. Have to have another trip I guess!! Thanks for showing us such neat sights

Iris said...

Did you guys do a session at the Nauvoo temple?

Deters said...

*blush* i thought the topic was prenatals, as in the vitamins pregnant women are supposed to take. i thought that you were announcing that you were pregnant again. LOL! I guess since my due date is only two weeks away, babies is all i can think of right now. my bad.