Monday, October 13, 2008

Elegant Farmer

Holy moly it's been a little on the warm side here, I went for a jog this morning and needed to swap my pants for some shorts! Yeah I'm sure that won't last long! Since it was in the 80's on Saturday (and I didn't work) we headed down to the Elegant Farmer to...well...not pick apples but just to see what all the talk was about. We felt silly on various levels...

a.) we were the only ones without kids
b.) I was pretty much the only one wearing a sweatshirt
c.) we took the hayride up to pick apples but didn't end up picking apples or pumpkins (we heard the crop wasn't that great this year, plus we didn't want to pay for it)I know I know who goes to an apple farm and doesn't pick apples? Believe me they are one of my favorite foods so we have plenty!!!
d.) walked around the store/food area but didn't end up buying any food...well I take that back we bought some fab popcorn seasoning and a carmel apple pie baked in a paper bag. We'll be sure to get that again:)

I'm totally making us sound like cheapskates but I like to think of it as being "wise". hum...maybe not. Overall it was fun to experience and nice to see the fall colors.

Here I am sportin' (more like guarding)the apple pie!


Angie Lewis said...

I'm's been absolutely FREEZING here! Can you send the warmth back to Utah pleas?!

The Toland Tots of Tanglewood said...

No worries...we went to a pumpkin festival and only bought three tiny pumpkins...more like gourds.
I didn't want to carry a heavy pumpkin through the mud back to the car. Our pumpking adventure was the 40s maybe.