Monday, February 11, 2008

Random things

I've been a little down in the dumps you could say...this snow is getting a little out of control! All day I just think about warm sunny places and how happy that makes me and then I look down and see that my goose bumps have goose bumps and question why we live here. (Just kidding babe I love it!) This picture is from our apt and it doesn't do justice because lets be honest I didn't want to go outside to take a silly picture but you get the point it's COLD!!!

We decided to make the most of this snow season and go cross-country skiing on Saturday. We had a great time and I have to admit I was pretty proud of us...we went on a much harder trail that totally kicked our pants but we made it! There were tons of hills, which I had never been on before (yes I know I'm from ColoRADo and I've never been downhill skiing...)and I thought I would be cool and go down this REALLY steep one. Well that just proved how cool I really was. If anyone has ever seen the FRIENDS episode when Pheobe runs....that's how graceful I was in this fall. Poles, arms, legs they were floppin' all over the place. I ended up getting a bump/bruise on my knee and again this picture does NOT even come close to how much pain my poor lil' knee is in. Anyway it was a great ski day regardless!

I've also tried to change my "I hate the snow" mentality and focus on things I am grateful for...maybe I have the chance to do them because I'm stuck inside all day.

*ran 2 EXTRA miles today (thank goodness for new pumped up music)
*made a yummy dessert (twice this week...and that's why I run!)
*played a great game of Ticket to Ride (how come all the new people always win?)
*had 2 packages waiting by my mailbox!!! Woohoo for my teaching certificate! These packages have probably been there since last week but since I don't go outside I didn't notice
*organized my cabinets
*wow I should really look for a job!

Happy Monday!


Emily Frame said...

So would you say you resembled the "Elaine" while falling?

What I'm gonna need you to do is, film yourself while doing the "Elaine", put in on you-tube and don't be alarmed at how often i watch it.

Angie Lewis said...

I agree with your winter gets old so fast (like a couple months ago). Sorry about your least you had fun until then.

Emily said...

Ugh! I agree I am done with Winter! And Ouch! Sorry about your knee, that's no fun- (I'm a Friends junkie, so I was laughing outloud imagining your graceful fall)Oh Pheobe, so funny.

You've inspired me to go make a yummy desert. I'm stuck inside with the baby all day, and she's napping. Time for Brownies!

Kat and Steve said...

Sounds like the no-job-life is treating you well! Glad you're staying busy. I'm having a really hard time being positive about the snow too. How am I supposed to get a tan when the sun never comes out?

Clay and Katy said...

oh and i thought all of the rain was depressing...i do not miss the snow! sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy...i have not done a whole lot here...the weather is too depressing! sorry about the owie...all i can think of now is you falling just like phoebe running...hahahaha. and ticket to ride is such a fun game!!!!!!

Lindsey said...

I didn't know you had a blog! I found yours through Karen's. I'm jealous that you guys have gone skiing. Let me and Casey know next time you guys go! I'd love it.

Michelle Williams said...

You're so great, Jodee. I love reading your blog. Whenever I wear that sandlewood lotion that you gave me for my birthday a couple of years ago, Matthew says "Smells like Jodee." I don't know if you even wear that lotion yourself but we always think of you. Today we were saying that if we ever get to that part of the country again we are coming back for another visit. We miss you and Dave!