Sunday, February 17, 2008

Crossed the Border for On the Border!

Yesterday we decided to head down to IKEA which sadly is like an hour and a half drive. Anyway we realized that we had a gift card to Chili's/On the Border etc. When we lived in Arizona we loved going to On the Border and then we moved to Utah and Wisconsin and they are nowhere to be found. Boo. Anyway I decided to see if there was one on our way to IKEA (Ill.)and lo and behold there was! I'm not sure if I was more excited to go shopping or eating. We realized how much we missed that restaurant and decided that next time we go to the Chicago Temple we'll for sure stop there to eat....I guess our temple attendance will be improving! Oh on another note I was bummed at IKEA because everything I wanted was out of my price know the "FREE" price range.

After we got home we went with Ryan and Lindsey to the movie "Definitely, Maybe". It was pretty cute I guess. The woman in front of us sure seemed to enjoy it, she was like dancing up and down at the end!

Oh so they called church off today! Too much ice/rain/snow. Funny because I haven't seen any snow today...I guess the ice is a bugger though. It's been a great day of waffles, movies, scripture reading...(after all it is Sunday), games. We're also trying to see how long we can go without turning our heat on. So far it's been ALL day! It's only 62 degrees, just slap a blanket on and we're fine!


Kat and Steve said...

You're crazy! Turn on the furnace!

Lindsey said...

So was the movie a "see it in the theater" or "i'll rent it later" type movie? It was one of those movies that I thought could go either way.

Mark and Tawni said...

I'm with Kat on this one. You guys are crazy. Then again what would life be if we never moved next to you and kat and steve? All I know is life wouldn't be worth living if I didn't have you guys as friends to keep in touch with. Jodee you make me laugh every time I get on your blog. We sure do miss you guys. Next time you come back to CO let us know and we will have to get to gether. Oh and Dave Michael, Mark's brother wanted us to say hi.

Natalie said...

i can just picture the lady in front of you now and i can't stop laughing. was she saying "hercules, hercules" too funny