Monday, August 13, 2007

We're jammin'

There is a huge fruit/veggie farm here where you can pick buckets full of strawberries, peas, apples etc. for a really cheap price. In June David and I went and picked about 7 lbs. of strawberries. We had a great time...there was a Russian lady there with her 3 year old adopted daughter picking strawberries. They were speaking Russian so David decided to strike up a conversation with her. I really wanted to freshen up on my skills and talk with her but I was quickly reminded that native speakers are a LOT harder to understand than a professor! Maybe I'll hit up the next random Russian I see. Anyway I decided to make freezer jam with all my strawberries-I was pretty surprised at how easy (and yummy) it was. I'm definitely going to make it again next year. The empty jars are the ones we've (ok mainly me) scarfed down, I'm running out fast!!!


Natalie said...

jode- i am so impressed with your new found cooking skills! rachel ray's got some mighty fine competition. hey how come you never leave comments on our blog.... i see how it goes :)

Lindsey said...

Wow, you moved to Wisconsin and got all domestic on us!