Saturday, August 11, 2007

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So we went to the outlets today to find some student teaching clothes for me and I was totally bummed. Things just weren't working out...either too long...too expensive...anyway after a few hours of sadness we were about to leave and lo and behold the very last store (which I didn't plan on going in) was a HUGE success! I found some great classic mix-n-match pieces that I'm very excited about. I came home and had a little fashion show and pulled out old clothes that will work with them... I'm hoping I can wear the same shirt over and over and just add a sweater or jacket and totally get away with it! I just need some snow now that I bought all these "fall/winter" clothes. Maybe I should spend a little more time actually preparing my lessons...ah it's all about presentation right???

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Clay and Katy said...

Ok I am behind on the commenting!!! Yeah for your blog! I am so always have great stories to share :). And the pictures are all amazing! You guys look great and it sounds like you have been livin' it up in WI!!! GO Midwest!

Anyways, I am glad you got some good stuff shopping...everytime you are actually looking for something you can never find it!!! You will probably be the best dressed teacher there ever was!! Good luck with those lessons!