Monday, March 3, 2014

Tatum and Kate turn 1!!!

Man I stink at blogging! Probably because I'm loving up on my babes all day. These girls (and sometimes Grant) are the sweetest things and I truly thank Heavenly Father every day for them. What sweet little blessings they are to our family.

They turned one on Feb 15 and we were lucky enough to have my parents in town to help celebrate. We went out to In-n-Out that night and then had a little neighborhood party the following afternoon. It just so happened to be an all boy party....let's hope that trend doesn't continue:)

Tatum has about 7 teeth and Kate has about 9. It's hard to really tell since they both like to bite anytime you get close.

 It's funny to me how these girls go in phases, one week Tatum will be clingy or hungry or grumpy, then the next it will be Kate. I'm just glad they don't act naughty at the same time. We can't really claim one as "active" or "smart" or anything, because they both kind of take turns.
                           Kate and the pinata....I guess she wanted to bust it open? Btw, having a birthday the day after v-day is brilliant, all that discounted pink and red candy!
                                                  Maybe they wanted vanilla?

 Currently, Tatum loves to play with phones. It's as if she can smell one a mile away. She also likes to dance and listen to music. Oh and she loves to chew on paper and cardboard. She weighs 18.1 lbs and is 28 1/4 inches tall.

Kate likes to carry things around in her mouth, smile all the time, and cruise along furniture. There is a cabinet in the office area that she likes to go hide and play in. She weighs 18.1.5 lbs and is 27 3/4 inches tall. So, pretty identical to me;) 

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