Monday, March 3, 2014

Mr. Grant

Man I sure do love this kid. When he is cute, he is CUTE. Same when he's rotten....he sure knows how to be a stubborn lil' thing.

He loves preschool and is always kind and friendly to the teachers and classmates. He loves to draw and write. He came home one day with this family picture. I just laugh everytime I see it. The lines are David's forehead are spot on!

 He has really enjoyed riding his bike, which makes family walks much more enjoyable. Not that I didn't' love pushing the girls in the stroller with one hand, Grant dangling off the front, and me carrying his scooter in the other. Really, that was fun:) He is happiest when he's outside playing with friends and always says "hi" to people we pass by. He is a good example and reminder to me to be more friendly.

Currently he still loves trains, the wii, and learning about the human body. He likes to talk about bones and the heart the most. I love it.

He is a great big brother and warmly greets them every morning. He likes to play with them and teach them new things he has learned. I feel so blessed to have these three.

Some of my favorite things he has said the last few months.

"My brain keeps telling me to laugh at funny things."

"Mom, can I eat those things that look like band-aids?" (fritos)

This will only make sense to Mormons, "first you go in the bathroom, then the closet, and then the church swimming pool. That's where you get bathatized."

Lately he's been asking if he can join "hi-yate" (karate). I can see why he'd assume that's what it's called.

Anyway, I sure love this smart, caring big boy of mine.

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