Sunday, March 2, 2014

Only a few months behind....

So we did in fact celebrate Christmas. Is it possible that life goes on even if you don't blog about it? Well it does. We had a great holiday and so far 2014 has been just as great.

Last year Grant was obsessed with Charlie Brown and we were hoping this year would be the same. Instead he was crazy about The Polar "Expressk". There were a few mornings I'd come in and find the kids all lined up in a train waiting for breakfast. He loves bossing his sisters around and nominating who gets to be the conductor or the caboose.

We decided to drive home this year. We don't really live near an airport so driving is easier....or is it? The way there we may or may not have said the following statements "we're never driving home again.", "we're done having kids." Honestly the kids weren't that bad it's just a long drive and even longer when we have to trade off watching kids in the car while the other one runs in the gas station or whatever. We're totally outnumbered and sometimes that's tricky. Once we were in Craig it was great though. It's fun spending time with family and so convenient to visit both sides of our families.

                                          Isn't Kate the cutest trying to be a big girl?

                     Who needs toys when you can just crawl and hide under the piano?

          The girls (especially Tatum) have some crazy long hairs, so we took advantage of that:)

We ended up staying a few days longer than our siblings and it was perfect for us to spend extra time with just our parents. We also decided to drive through St. George and stay with my brother's family on the way there and back. SO much easier than trying to stay at a hotel. We had a fun time with them. Someday we'll live close by family right???

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Diana said...

Well you know you used to live closer to family and even closer to me! But then you thought hey lets get a better degree and a better job. I'm sad but I know you needed to progress thru life and so now I have to just make visits. One day I will make it out to visit you and actually meet those cute girls while they are awake. I love watching them grow just sad it's been thru facebook and your blog.