Tuesday, February 26, 2013

They're here!!!!

A few weeks ago I had an appt (about my 500,000 one) and it was confirmed that "Baby B" was in fact breech. The NP decided to schedule me for a c-sec on Feb 25. I left that appt very discouraged. I was told I would deliver no later than 38 weeks which would be Feb 21. The thought of recovering from a c-sec with two newborns and a preschooler didn't exactly excite me either. The next week I met with the OB and we decided to move the induction/c-sec to the 21st. I was glad about that but still not totally sold on the c-sec, of course I wanted healthy babies so I would do what needed to be done. Each OB had different opinions on the method of delivery and I just wanted to feel secure in our decision and that the doctor would do what was best.

On Feb 12 I met with my high risk doc and we reviewed my previous ultrasounds and non-stress tests. He asked if I would be ok with an earlier induction. Seriously? What pregnant lady would want to be pregnant a moment longer? Of course I'd be ok with it! He then asked if my husband would be ok with it. Does his opinion really matter? I didn't skip a beat and just told him he would love for me to be done with this pregnancy. Since the girls were sharing a placenta and I was almost 37 weeks he thought it would be a safer and healthier option than waiting until 38 weeks. Music to my ears! The OB set the induction for the 14th. Silly, but I didn't want them to be born on v-day. I mean they are sharing everything else, can't they just have a nice birthday dinner without everyone else eating out too? We moved the date to Fri the 15th. Wednesday night I started having contractions and couldn't sleep at all. I woke up and decided that maybe the 14th would be a cute day to deliver my little sweethearts. Plus my favorite doc was on-call that night and that eased my labor and delivery fears. The girls weren't moving very much and my contractions had stopped so we decided to head to the doc. I met with Dr. Broberg who thought I should just be induced right then rather than come back in the morning. We discussed all the risks involved with a breech delivery but decided that it would be worth a shot.

 Around 8:30pm they started the pitocin, 11:00 epidural/water broke and at 2:10 they wheeled me down to the OR, I had to deliver there just in case. Everything up to this point had been great, I wasn't in pain or scared. I was able to rest and had really great nurses. Once we reached the OR I started getting nervous. How long would this take? What if I delivered one and then a c-sec for the other? How long will they spend in the NICU? How will I take care of TWO newborns? I remember looking over at David in his scrubs and telling him how nervous I was. Dr. Broberg and all the nurses were great at reassuring me things would be fine and that I could do it. 2:20 am I started pushing, 2:22 Tatum arrived bright red and crying, 2:26 Kate came feet first, blue and lifeless. I remember being worried but not terrified. I had had so many blessings and prayers that I knew she'd be fine. They quickly sent her off to get oxygen for about a 1 min. and then both girls were able to be with me.

I can't begin to describe the emotions with their birth. The word that sums it up is RELIEF. Relief that they were both here, and healthy and strong. Relief that the labor and delivery was amazingly smooth. Relief at how perfect they were. I loved being able to hold my girls and examine everything about them. Instant love and thankfulness for them.

Tatum Belle 5 lbs 13 oz 17 inches

Kate Emma 5 lbs 10 oz 18 inches

They had to spend a night in the NICU for low blood sugar but we were ALL able to come home Sunday morning. Incredible!

These little girls are such a blessing. I never imagined having twins but this has been the best surprise. They can usually comfort each other in the crib and I love to watch them snuggle up together. I'm so grateful for their health and that I can be a mother to them and Grant.


BBC said...

ahhh! they're adorable!!!! i'm so glad everything went so perfectly! you're amazing!

Patten Family said...

That is AMAZING. Your story, your sweet little family. Glad everything worked out. My SIL delivered her first vaginally and second twin c-section so when I read your story I was like "I hope that didn't happen to Jodee". Congrats again. Cannot wait to watch them grow.

Angie Lewis said...

Wow, this totally brought tears to my eyes. I am so incredibly happy for you! Your family is so perfectly beautiful!!

Rachel B. said...

Oh congrats!!! They couldn't be more beautiful. What perfect looking little baby girls. And I love their names! Good job momma!

Lindsey said...

Congrats! They're adorable! I saw Dr. Broberg a few times and loved him... But Dr. drewes ended up delivering Holland because he was oncall he was alright but probably only said 2 words to me the whole time! I'm glad you had a good experience :)

Kat and Steve said...

Grant looks thrilled in that picture! So happy for you guys. They are too precious for words.

Ashli Miller said...

So happy for you! I cannot believe how similar their birth story is to my twins. Induced just before 38 weeks, baby B was born breech, they got to come home with me when I was discharged, and they were about the same weight. Hope you are all doing well! They are adorable!