Monday, April 1, 2013


Today was our first Sunday back to church, it felt so nice to be together as a family of FIVE in church again. My sister bought the girls their dresses and my good friend made their headbands,
they were a hit!

Grant has had a fun few days hunting for eggs and spending time with friends. Last night I started panicking that the Easter Bunny didn't bring very exciting things. Don't get me wrong most 4 year olds would love a pair of socks and old Halloween candy right? I was stressing out about it during one of the girls mid-night feedings. Anyway lucky for me Grant is sweet as candy and LOVED his simple basket. "A book!", "Look, socks just like dad!" A true Easter miracle:)

Don't mind my tired, pale don't lie, I spend most of my days inside comforting cute little girls.


myrna ence said...

Love all the pictures!! Boy they have grown!!

Patten Family said...

Jodee they are GORGEOUS! Oh my gosh I am not sure how you are doing it. But you are! And so proud to see you hanging in there. And I know people will tell you all different things, but I wanted to speak my two cents and say that in the close up Easter pics of the girls, Kate looks just like you and Tatum looks just like GRANT. Funny, as I know they are identical. But thats the first thing I saw! Thanks for posting a little on your life!