Friday, July 22, 2011

Granty pants

I feel like this blog is all about Grant but I seem to forget to really write down all the cute things he does. His vocabulary is really starting to take off and I love it! It's funny to hear his little voice trying to say new words. Our favorite thing is when he says "oh cool, so cool" and "happy birthday" especially over our dinner.

He is in a really fun stage right now, likes to share, clean up his toys (I know-lucky mama!) help cook, clean, fix things. He loves to be outside exploring. This week we've pretty much worn the stroller tires out-all day I hear "wak...outsie.....wak...." yep we've gone on like a bazillion walks together. I normally love walks but it's been so stinkin' hot (and humid for CO) out I feel like we're inside a dishwasher for hours and hours! When it's time to come back inside he just whines and whines until I take him back out. I swear he's part dog...speaking of dogs he will come up and sniff us like one. Weird? Funny? Cute? Yes, yes, yes!

He still is a great napper and willingly sits down and folds his arms for bedtime prayers. It's as if he knows he is going to bed so he turns on the charm so we will want to play with him longer....doesn't really fool us though!

He still enjoys playing/watching Thomas and playing with his cars. He likes doing puzzles, especially his numbers puzzle. This kid is a number/letter fool! So weird-he'd rather just look at the alphabet or a bunch of numbers than read the actual book. He knows almost all of the alphabet and I never get sick of listening to him point out letters to me.
(I know this picture is blurry but I think it's oh so funny. The kid hates to wear hats but he will wear this one of David's all day.) 
He prefers bananas, yogurt, grapes, peeled carrots or peas but eats pretty much anything which is so nice for me! Oh and it's basically WWIII to brush his teeth so I guess I'm glad he doesn't want too much sugar all day!

Ernie the hernia is still hanging around and Grant is pretty darn happy that it's warm enough to wear non-zip jammies so he has 24/7 access to him!

I feel lucky to know he is mine! What a fun blessing!


HappyDay_KT said...

hahaha Grant and Lily have so much in common!
Lily is in the "Happy Birthday" phase too, which cracks me up.

Lily's been jumping into the bottom basket of the stroller during our daily walks to put Tawny to sleep.

We have a "rule" that there is no belly button until after church, since it Lily has to hike up her fluffy dresses to get to it. We've always put her in the footed PJs and kept them un-zipped so she can have her little outtie knot, belly button.

Clay and Katy said...

Well that was the cutest post! That is one cute boy :)

Kat and Steve said...

Oh, I laugh every time I think about Ernie the Hernie. Funniest thing ever.