Monday, July 18, 2011

300th post?

That's it? It feels like I always have something to say! I would write 300 things about myself but I think the majority of them would involve food and that might be a little embarrassing to myself and family!

1. I am currently obsessed with the show "My name is Earl" and love laughing and laughing with David about it. Just try to watch a full episode and not laugh-I dare you.
2. I could easily become a vegetarian....or get used to having someone cook my meat for me. Yeah let's go with that option. It's great for eating but not for touching and preparing...ew barf! Poor David is stuck with one to many crock pot meals or pasta because of this.
3. I like to burn fall scented candles year round-apple, pear, spice
4. Contrary to my candle collection I am a summer baby through and through...thank you Colorado and the 360+ sunny days!
5. I am a sucker for white walls and accessories and will continue to love them even after this "white decorating" phase is over.
6. I don't think vanilla should be viewed as's a side for cryin' out loud! You put it with your cake, brownie, pie. I can't comprehend why someone would eat just vanilla when there are millions of options to pair it/top it with or heck even replace it with!
7. I still have my car from high school, that baby refuses give up! Oh and somebody tried to steal stuff from it the other day. Ha, joke is on them, all I have are some old receipts and leaves on the floor!
8. I daydream about a new kitchen table and I am fairly certain that would eliminate 93% of all my problems....hum....maybe not.
9. I'm terrified of being called as "Stake Camp Director".
10. My favorite time of day is right before bed when we peek in at our little sleeping Grant....wait I take that back, my favorite part is WHEN we put HIM to bed! Is it just me or do the hours pass like days after dinner?
11. I think I could beat Forrest Gump in a walking competition.
12. I have never seen any Star Wars movies and believe it or not I am still functioning.
13. Thanks to David I now buy gold toe socks in the boys department-trust me they are the best!
14. When my sister and I were younger we used to pretend our names were "Jessica", "Julie" or "Ashley". When we would be shopping in Denver or Grand Junction we would call out for each other and even order food and request that it be for "Jennifer" or whatever. We are ssooo cool.
15. I do a pretty darn good impression of a cat hacking on a hair ball!
16. I really enjoy going to the dentist.
17. I love to hide in the house like a 5 yr old and jump out and scare David and Grant. Too bad I only have like 3 doors to choose from!
18. Still feel like I'm "too young" or "trying too hard" when I wear high heels or lip stick.
19. I've crossed over and started wearing shorts with tennis shoes while at the zoo or other family outings! Eek! I'm STILL having issues with my shins from like a year ago and certain shoes just feel better, laugh it up you haters!
20. For all you Craigites I used to want to grow up and work at "Gumballs" candy store in Grand Junction.
21. I went a whole year at college with staples in my pants as a hemline. Pathetic? It's not THAT hard to sew or bring them to mom!
22. I really want Lasik surgery so I can go swimming, roll over and look at the clock, fall asleep during a movie, ya know just be lazy like. Anyone want to spot me the moolah?
23. I once bottle fed a cow (the smell of that milk will forever be in my nostrils) that I affectionately named "Eight ball".
24. I like meeting new people and learning about them.
25. I could eat non-microwave popcorn everyday.
26. I'm confused with the whole obsession with being "green"-I mean didn't we learn this stuff in like 1st grade? Why the sudden trend? And why does everyone feel the need to announce that they are green? Aren't most of us anyway?!?! Am I the only one who was taught to turn the lights off, open the windows in the summer, eat from the garden, line the trash can with a plastic bag? Apparently!
27. I love dancing to Rihanna....of course just in my house and when I play v-ball with the ward!
28. I like to do crossword puzzles and play boggle with David.
29. I wish the tv shows "Just the 10 of us" and "Clarissa Explains it All" were still on. I can't even get them on Netflix. Boo.
30. I get slightly bummed when birthday cakes are not chocolate.


Josh, Kadi, and Sadie said...

I love #14. Ha ha I wish I could have met Julie and Ashley!

Deters said...

I had Lasik done on my eyes. Worth. Every. Penny. Make it happen!

HappyDay_KT said...

I DO think hacking up a hair ball is an essential life skill.

myrna ence said...

Who is this Jodee person?? Parents are always the last to know things!!