Tuesday, April 5, 2011

albinos in arizona

Grant and I visited my sister's family in AZ for "Spring Break"...you know since Grant has been so busy lately and I figured he could use a few days to just relax. My parents were there too and we had a great time. Poor Grant had allergies the whole time. You know how parents never think their kids are ugly? Well...first time for everything! Man he looked rough! He had a blast playing with his cousins and I am SO grateful that they put up with him:)

I told a few friends that Grant better have enjoyed his time on a plane because I sure as heck am not flying with him ever again. He did good on the way there but the flight back....YIKES! I gave him some meds for his allergies....and yes I do mean allergies not "allergies". I thought they'd wipe him out but oh silly Jodee that would be too easy. Nope, they did the exact opposite. He was literally climbing on my head while I was smashed up against the window. Yes the same kid who won't touch me with a 10 ft pole now just wants to climb and crawl and slobber all over me for two hours! I've never been so excited to see David! 

Aren't they cute together?


Cara Grenny said...

I thought they were twins in those photos! And Jodee- you are so funny.

Kat and Steve said...

Well, you'd never know he gave you any trouble by looking at these pictures. He looks totally cute and innocent!

myrna ence said...

We sure had alot of fun even if it was a short time and a long drive & flight!! Those boys were so cute along with the girls, also.