Thursday, March 10, 2011


Hum...where to begin??? A few months ago I decided to start studying to become a Personal Trainer. I know I know....laugh it up. I can barely bust out a push up and I eat insane amounts of ice-cream. Lucky for me I have an extremely supportive family (especially David) that pushed me to follow this dream. Cheesy? Sure, but I'm just being honest! I actually had a really fun time studying for the exam but I am oh so excited to be able to just focus on Grant again-poor kid has been living off stepped on Cheerios and apples! To celebrate that I passed we went out as a family, then picked up some Pinkberry. Grant somehow found a balloon at the book store, now that I write this I realize we flat out stole that...oops.

Grant must know that I am done studying because he has been super sweet and fun, lots of hugs and kisses. Today I was lying on the couch (so sue me...I was out late and up early!) and he climbed right up, scooted over a little and started stroking my head and twirling his little fingers through my hair. I should be worried but instead I just think it's cute. I promise I only drank water this night, my eyes seem to tell a different story....I just loved that Grant finally sat on my lap for more than 2 seconds!

random note: We had a "Mardi Gras Parade" in our home. Yep, same stolen balloon.

This little boy had way too much fun, I pray he never goes to a real Mardi Gras Parade or we'll be in trouble! See what I mean.....


myrna ence said...

Love the Mardi Gras guy in the clothes basket without his shirt!! Such cute pictures. Congats on the trainer test. Know you didn't get that from me or your dad.

Unknown said...

found your blog! and you are a wonderful trainer, love going to your classes. i wont be there tomorrow, leaving town but good luck!

your little guy is seriously the cutest!

Kat and Steve said...

Congrats again, Jod! Not on the stolen balloon, on the test. And maybe congrats on the stolen balloon too because it bought Grant so much fun ;)