Tuesday, January 18, 2011

little lovelies-gapbody

It's no secret that I miss college. I miss my BYU ward, I miss my apartment, I miss the Richard's Building, I miss eating pancakes with David on campus, I miss my classes (well my health classes), I miss looking at the "Y" and the Provo temple. You know what a really really miss though? My discount at Gap. I worked with the funniest people on the planet, snagged some new threads and occasionally folded clothes. Perfect job. I would say the majority of my work out clothes are from GapBody. They are so breathable, keep their shape, last forever etc. Sadly I have yet to purchase anything since I left the company.....any gappers out there that want to hire me for like 4 hours a week?

If you ever stumble across a "friends and family" deal I would highly recommend trying out their exercise gear-especially pants and hoodies. *forget paying top dollar for their sports bra and socks....hello Target*

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Ann-Marie said...

I always get their 40% off notices. I could forward them to you if you're needing a pair!