Monday, November 22, 2010

in case i forget

I really do love Grant. I wasn't so sure about it last week, but if he continues to act like he has this week I suppose I have no other choice than to keep him.  I'll be honest it's not super exciting to read about everyone else's kids but since this blog belongs to me I'm going to write about my little Grant. He has been extremely fun this week-which just means he's going to be a little Taz on our Thanksgiving trip!

I love going into his room and seeing him there "reading" his books or putting together a puzzle. He will also try things we are doing-blow his nose, planks, lunges, comb his hair, put on his shoes. It's crazy how "babies" just grow up right before your eyes.

He's really enjoying our nightly rock out sessions while we prepare dinner. Currently he is loving Michael Franti and ahem...Soulja Boy.....don't ask.

In the car I usually lead the music that we are listening to, yes I am cool like that. He usually claps along but lately he has been conducting the music as well. I love it! 

I'm excited for all the Christmas lights to be up so we can drive around (and lead music) because I know Grant will love it. He already walks down the Christmas aisle at the store "oooh whoaaaa", we actually had to leave Wal-Mart because he was so overly excited. 

He knows how to turn on the wii and get it to Netflix. It actually stumps me how he even knows how to do that. It's pretty funny though. He is also obsessed with 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.' Obsessed is a understatement. Have you seen that movie? I'm starting to become obsessed as well....I need to get out more.

Speaking of tv he must be watching too much because he has started to give us kisses on the lips. I'm not necessarily opposed to them but I just never thought I'd be one of 'those families'. To quote Seinfeld..."not that there is anything wrong with that." It's pretty funny, I've tried to dodge them like you do when your great aunt tries to plant a wet one but the snotty-nosed little kid is pretty stubborn.

I'm sure no other mother has ever witness their children doing such cute things right?

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Kat and Steve said...

Jodee, you are great. What a fun mom you are. I need to write things like this down about my own kids more often. It's good to be reminded of these things on the "Taz" days, which come around a little too often.