Tuesday, October 26, 2010

little lovelies-pottery barn

Ah just saying "Pottery Barn" brings a smile to my face. Now I admit that I have a pretty bland decorating style but that shouldn't stop me from liking home decor right? I get giddy when I open the mail and find my FREE PB issue, I thumb through those pages at least fifty times before I give 'em the boot. I love the simplicity yet coziness of PB. I love the way they effortlessly decorate for each and every holiday. I love the big chunky white molding all over the place and the huge candles and seashells. I love love love the huge windows that display Christmas wreaths or cards. I've saved up some pennies and occasionally bought an item or two from PB, however my house never comes close to looking like that. Maybe it's the dvds sprawled all over the floor or the cheerio crumbs in the couch. One day, one day.

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Cara Grenny said...

I agree. I love their catalog. So clean and crisp. I want a bed from there that is A mazing.