Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We love CRAIG

Craig, Colorado that is. In fact we love it so much that we went there twice in one week. I won't even tell you how many miles we've put on our "new" car. I think our families might be sick of seeing us (aka messing up every square inch of their homes) so being the sweetheart I am I decided to give them a break this week....don't worry we'll be back next Saturday!

The best part of Craig (besides the mullets and big trucks) is free babysitting!!!! David and I were able to hike Cedar Mountain while Grant played with David's mom. It was so nice to just be out together and not have to worry about if Grant was getting a sunburn or hungry or wet or tired. SO nice. Don't get me wrong it was fun to see him again and we probably spent 90% of the hike talking about him but still it was great to be together. It's a really pretty view from the top-it just looks out forever. My parents live out by the mountain so we kept calling them and looking through the binoculars to see each other. Now that I write that it sounds like the act of a creepy stalker...calling and peeking at each other. I promise it wasn't creepy.

This last weekend my sister and her family were up from AZ visiting. I LOVED watching Grant play with cousins-well to be honest I kind of ignored him (hey he was quiet and happy just playing) and talked with my sister most of the time. It's so nice to have him be entertained by someone else and they all seemed to get along great.

On Saturday we rode the gondola to the top of the ski mountain in Steamboat. Despite what this picture shows Grant really did enjoyed the ride. He of course just wanted to run around and climb up on everything. It was pretty cool we could see Cedar mountain from the top of the mountains in Steamboat. Have I mentioned how much I love mountains...well I do. A lot.

Until next week....


Marnie said...

I'm glad other parents talk about their children when they're not with them. I always talk nonstop about my kids when I leave them with someone. It's weird to me because all day everyday I wish for just a few minutes of privacy from everyone and then whenever I'm not with them, I miss them.

Your pictures make me miss the mountains.

Kat and Steve said...

Hmmmm, you've enticed me to come and visit! It's beautiful there. I'm sure your family loves having you there just as much as you love being there!